Rapidly develop blockchain solutions, but avoid the complexities

Montag, 12. August 2019

After first emerging as the basis for the Bitcoin protocol, blockchain has since gained momentum as a way to digitize business processes that extend beyond the boundaries of a single organization. While digital currencies use the shared ledger to track transactions and balances, enterprises are coming together to use the ledger in a different way.

Principal Manufacturing Industry Lead, Azure Industry Experiences Team

Digitalisiertes Vertrauen: Azure Blockchain vereinfacht die Blockchainentwicklung

Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2019

Die Digitalisierung breitet sich zusehends auf der ganzen Welt aus. Deshalb betreffen Unternehmensprozesse oft mehrere Unternehmen, und es werden hohe Geldsummen in die Verwaltung von Workflows investiert, die Vertrauensgrenzen überschreiten. Die digitale Transformation findet nicht nur unternehmensintern statt, sondern betrifft auch Lieferanten, Partner und Kunden, die Teil von Unternehmensprozessen sind. Aus diesem Grund wird Vertrauen immer wichtiger.

Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Azure

Microsoft driving standards for the token economy with the Token Taxonomy Framework

Mittwoch, 17. April 2019

Today’s announcement of the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI) is a milestone in the maturity of the blockchain industry. The initiative brings together some of the most important blockchain platforms from the Ethereum ecosystem, Hyperledger and IBM, Intel, R3, and Digital Asset in a joint effort to establish a common taxonomy for tokens.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering

Hyperledger Fabric updates now available

Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019

In late 2017, a growing number of customers were interested in using Hyperledger Fabric to build their applications on Azure. At this time, we announced support for this popular offering through the Azure Marketplace.

Senior Software Engineer, Blockchain Engineering