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Show off your skills with #AzureTrivia

#AzureTrivia wants to celebrate the curiosity that keeps you so inspired. Join us, have some fun and show off your whip-smart Azure knowledge — bragging rights are on the line...


When you were a kid, everything you encountered was novel and filled you with a sense of wonder. You were an explorer. An inventor. A scientist. A gamer. An astronaut.

Now, you’re solving problems with technology and the curious mind you’ve always had.

#AzureTrivia wants to celebrate the curiosity that keeps you so inspired. Join us, have some fun and show off your whip-smart Azure knowledge—bragging rights are on the line.

Every Monday @Azure will tweet out an Azure-related question. Want to test your Azure acumen and win* something cool? Just click on your selected answer, and if you tweet the correct answer no later than Thursday using the handy tweet we wrote for you (be sure to keep #AzureTrivia and the image), you’ll be entered to win a weekly prize (cool swag and other goodies). Pro tip: Be sure to come back every week for a brand-new question and another chance to win. 

If you love playing #AzureTrivia and want a competitive edge, check out these free Azure learning resources and get your win on!


How do I enter?

It’s easy! Follow three simple steps by Thursday at 11:59PM Pacific Time:

  1. Visit twitter.com/azure 
  2. Find this week’s #AzureTrivia question (hint: it’ll usually be our pinned tweet) and click on the correct answer.
  3. Tweet the auto-generated confirmation message from your own account. Make sure your #answer, #AzureTrivia, and the original question image link are included in your tweet.


Sample entry tweet including auto-generated confirmation message and image.

What if I get the answer wrong? Can I still win this week?

No, unfortunately only correct answers are valid entries. But you can try again next week!

Am I eligible to win?

You need to be:

  • A legal resident of the 50 United States (including the District of Columbia)
  • 18 years of age or older
  • If you’re under 18, you need to have consent of a parent or legal guardian

You cannot be:

  • An employee of Microsoft Corporation and its subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising agencies, and Sweepstakes Parties or one of their family members

How many winners are there each week?

We’ll randomly select 10 lucky winners each week.

When do you announce the answer?

We’ll announce the answer on Friday morning each week. Check the @Azure feed to find out if you got it right.

How do I find out if I won?

Check your mentions on Fridays! We’ll reply to the week’s winners every Friday. Be sure to DM us within 72 hours so we can confirm that you’re eligible and get your address to send you your prize!

What could I win?

You could win some sweet #AzureTrivia Champion swag and other goodies, including an exclusive #AzureTrivia Champion T-shirt, Ember mug, and more.

Can I enter every week to win?

Yeah, go for it!

If I already won once, can I win again?

You sure can. That’s what we call an #overachiever, and we’re impressed.

What if I go back and answer a past week’s question? Am I entered to win this week?

Glad you love answering trivia questions! But no, you are not entered to win this week’s sweepstakes if you answer a past question. You must answer the current week’s question to be entered to win this week.

Can I enter to win more than once per week?

No, you can only enter to win once per week. You can use #AzureTrivia as much as you want, but multiple tweets within the weekly entry period will not increase your chances of winning.

*No Purchase Necessary. Game ends 6/22/18. For full details, see the Official Rules.