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Rich Push with Notification Hubs in iOS 8

Learn how to push a rich notification with an image using Notification Hubs in iOS8 & 7.

In order to engage users with instant rich content, applications often push notifications beyond just plain text. These notifications can contain urls, images, sounds, and more. With Azure Notification Hubs and the new iOS8 Push Notification custom actions, developers can use rich push to easily provide an engaging user experience.

The Azure Notification Hubs Rich Push tutorial takes you through an ASP.NET backend that stores and sends a rich payload (image) and an iOS app that retrieves and displays the payload after user taps to learn more. Unlike a plain push notification, the backend first sends a rich content ID to the user’s device using a silent notification. The native application then retrieves an image before displaying the notification. This ensures the content is displayed instantly when the user taps the More button.

Rich Push with Notification Hubs in iOS8

To complete this tutorial, you need the Azure Notification Hubs Notify Users tutorial or your own WebAPI project and iOS application.

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