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Last March we released the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, which provided a set of generic services for Windows Azure.  This toolkit was the first step in enabling developers to build native experiences on multiple platforms using Windows Azure.  As the next step in this process, today we’re pleased to announce the release of the Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS.  This toolkit contains resources and services designed to make it easier for iOS developers to use Windows Azure.  

This iOS toolkit includes the following pieces:

  • A compiled Objective-C library for working with services running in Windows Azure (e.g. push notification, authN/authZ, and storage)
  • Full source code for the objective-C library (along with Xcode project file)
  • Sample iOS application that demonstrates how to use Windows Azure Storage with full source code
  • Documentation

Take a look at Windows Azure Technical Evangelist Wade Wegner’s post for a detailed technical review of the iOS toolkit.

The Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS—along with all the source code—has been released to github:




To simplify the process of setting up services in Windows Azure, we are also releasing a “Cloud Ready” package for the toolkit.  This package is designed to allow someone to quickly get started using Windows Azure without having to open and modify the services.


With the cloud ready package, you can quickly:

  1. Get setup with a Windows Azure Platform 30 Day Pass (optional)
  2. Setup a new Windows Azure storage account.
  3. Update the Windows Azure service package configuration to include your storage account information.
  4. Create a new Windows Azure hosted service, and deploy the package.

You can grab the Cloud Ready Package for Devices on github to get started.  Additionally, you can watch the following screencasts to learn more:

Getting Started with the iOS Toolkit

Deploying the Cloud Ready Package for Devices

In addition to the release of the Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS, we are excited to share that we have already begun work on the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android, and expect to have it ready in June.


Futhermore, at TechEd North America we will ship v1.2 of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, which will include:

  • Integration with the Access Control Service (e.g. a wizard, automatic setup, tooling, and code)
  • Full support for Windows Azure Storage Queues
  • Updated UI/UX for the supporting web application

By providing toolkits for Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android, we are making it faster and easier for developers to use Windows Azure to provide services across device platforms.


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