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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Windows Azure SDK 1.4 refresh.  Available for download here, this refresh enables web developers to increase their development productivity by simplifying the iterative development process of web-based hosted services.

Until today, the iterative development process for hosted services has required you to re-package the application and upload it to Windows Azure using either the Management portal or the Service Management API. The Windows Azure SDK 1.4 refresh solves this problem by integrating with the Web Deployment Tool (Web Deploy).

Please note the following when using Web Deploy for interactive development of Windows Azure hosted services:

  • Web Deploy only works with a single role instance.
  • The tool is not intended for use in a production environment; it is intended only for iterative development and testing scenarios
  • Web Deploy bypasses the package creation. Changes to the web pages are not durable. To preserve changes, you must package and deploy the service.

To install the WebDeploy plug-in for Windows Azure SDK 1.4 (which is included with Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh), click here then click on Get Tools & SDK.


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