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A newly updated version of the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit is now available for download.  This January update provides new and updated demo scripts, as well as a new Windows Phone 7 hands-on lab (HOL) for the Windows Azure platform. Other new features include several new demo scripts and an improved mechanism for installing Visual Studio code snippets. Read more about this update in a post by Windows Azure Technical Evangelist Wade Wegner here.  For help getting started, check out the Windows Azure platform training course here.

Included in the January update are:

  • Windows Azure Connect demo script (NEW)
  • Web and Worker Role Enhancements demo script (NEW)
  • Windows Azure Virtual Machine Roles demo script (NEW)
  • Rafiki demo script (NEW)
  • Windows Phone 7 and The Cloud HOL (NEW)
  • Use Access Control Service to Federate with Multiple Business Identity Providers HOL (NEW)
  • Refreshed Identity HOLs
  • Improved Visual Studio code snippets installation
  • Several bug fixes in demos and labs

The Windows Azure Platform Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are designed to developers learn how to use the Windows Azure platform.


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