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Azure App Service customers now have a more direct and personalized connection with the App Service platform thanks to the new App Service recommendations feature. With this new App Service feature customers can benefit from platform level deep insights informed by app usage patterns. Recommendations can range from detection of app runtime activity that has the potential of impacting app experience to discovery of new platform features specifically applicable for that app. The intention for this feature is to unlock untapped potential for every app running on the App Service platform.

Recommendations are available in the context of an app resource in the Azure portal. A featured recommendation is presented in the app’s status bar and a dedicated recommendation blade can be explored on access from the status bar. The recommendation blade provides context information and a targeted recommended action based on app activity such as considering a different App Service Plan when repeated quota violations are detected. For most recommendations the targeted action can be initiated directly from the recommendation blade.


It is possible for multiple recommendations to be applicable at the same time. To see the full set of applicable recommendations for an app navigate to the Tools blade and select the Recommendations option.

Multiple Recommendations

New recommendations can be discovered via toast notifications on access to the Azure portal. Clicking on a toast notification would also reach the dedicated recommendation blade.


Recommendations are periodically re-evaluated to ensure relevance. Feedback is much appreciated and can be submitted via the Azure App Service Web Apps forum.

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