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New preview + 21 new partners announced for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

The Limited Public Preview for Azure SQL Data Warehouse was announced today, and with it comes an impressive portfolio of technology providers that are already integrating solutions with Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

The Limited Public Preview for Azure SQL Data Warehouse was announced today, and with it comes an impressive portfolio of technology providers that are already integrating solutions with Azure SQL Data Warehouse. These partners validated their solutions against the Azure SQL Data Warehouse service, and are finding and adding value to our new enterprise-class elastic data warehouse-as-a-service. The Azure SQL Data Warehouse Connector for Power BI is also available today, allowing users to connect directly to their data and build live reports over big data scenarios with Power BI. You’ll see an exciting range of partners included below, and I think this is because of the broad applicability of the use cases available with this service. The ability to dynamically and quickly grow, shrink and pause compute independently of storage combined with enterprise-class SQL features can save users time and money. I’m excited to share more information about the 21 partners already working to ensure their customers, and our customers, benefit from Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

  • Attunity: Attunity CloudBeam provides an automated and optimized solution for loading data to SQL Data Warehouse. With a “click-to-load” design, it simplifies and accelerates both batch loading as well as incremental replication from many heterogeneous databases.
  • Birst: Birst is a global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics. Enterprises can create a trusted source of data within the context of each key business user. Then, business users throughout the organization can report and analyze information with world-class BI tools.
  • Bryte Systems: Bryte Systems automates data transfer to SQL Data Warehouse from a variety of databases and sources. Bryte Systems specializes in data movement and integration technologies. They build scalable cloud-based data warehouses and data lakes to uncover insights.
  • ClearStory Data: ClearStory Data enables fast-cycle analysis across disparate data stored in SQL Data Warehouse. ClearStory’s integrated Spark-based platform and analytics application speed data access and harmonization of disparate data sets. They enable fast, collaborative exploration that empowers business users to be self-reliant to gain insights.
  • Coffing Data Warehousing: Coffing Data Warehousing provides Nexus Chameleon, a tool with 10 years of design dedicated to querying systems. Nexus is available as a query tool for SQL Data Warehouse. Use Nexus to query in-house and cloud computers located anywhere in the world and join data across different platforms. Point-Click-Report!
  • Dell Statistica: Dell Statistica is an advanced analytics platform that allows organizations to make predictions about the future, optimize processes, reduce costs and increase revenue. Dell Statistica simplifies big data analytics, streamlines implementation and deployment, extracts actionable insights from text, and empowers your business.
  • Dundas Software: Dundas Data Visualization is a leading, global provider of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization software. Dundas dashboards, reporting, and visual data analytics provide seamless integration into business applications, enabling better decisions and faster insights.
  • Inbrein: Inbrein MicroERD provides the tools that you need in order to create a precise data model, reduce data redundancy, improve productivity, and observe standards. By using its UI developed based on extensive user experiences, a modeler can work on DB models easily and conveniently. You can continuously enjoy new and improved functions of MicroERD through prompt functional improvements and updates.
  • Infolibrarian: InfoLibrarian catalogs, stores, and manages metadata to help you solve key pain points of data management. In addition, we provide metadata management, data governance and asset management software solutions for managing and publishing metadata from a diverse set of tools and technologies.
  • Informatica: Informatica is one of the world’s most recognizable independent providers of data integration software. Informatica Vibe, one of the industry’s first embeddable virtual data machines, powers the unique “Map Once. Deploy Anywhere.” capabilities of the Informatica Platform. Over 5,500 enterprises worldwide depends on Informatica to fully leverage their information assets.
  • Jinfonet: JReport is an embeddable BI solution for the enterprise. The solution empowers users to create reports, dashboards, and data analysis on cloud, big data, and transactional data sources. By visualizing data, users can perform their own reporting and data discovery for agile, on-the-fly decision-making.
  • LogiAnalytics: Together, Logi Analytics and the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse can now enable your organization to collect, analyze, and immediately act on the largest and most diverse data sets in the world to drive a high-performance organization.
  • Looker: Looker gives everyone in your company the ability to explore and understand the data that drives your business, while at the same time gives the data analyst a flexible and reusable modeling layer to control and curate that data. Companies have fundamentally transformed their culture using Looker as the catalyst.
  • Qlik :Qlik provides a platform-based approach to visual analytics on top of Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Leveraging the enterprise-class features within Microsoft’s elastic data warehouse, Qlik empowers the entire organization to make fast decisions with confidence. Qlik brings insights and clarity to where it’s needed the most: the point of decision.
  • Redpoint Global: RedPoint Interaction and RedPoint Data Management enable marketers to leverage all their data to drive cross-channel customer engagement while performing structured and unstructured data management. By taking advantage of the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, RedPoint users can maximize the value of all their structured or unstructured data to deliver the hyper-personalized and contextual interactions needed to engage today’s omni-channel customer. Drag-and-drop interface makes designing and executing data management processes easy.
  • SiSense: SiSense is a full-stack Business Intelligence software that comes with everything a business needs to analyze and visualize data: a high performance analytical database, the ability to join multiple sources, simple data extraction (ETL), and web-based data visualization.
  • SnapLogic: The SnapLogic integration platform as a service (iPaaS) enables customers to quickly transfer data into and out of Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. SnapLogic offers the ability to integrate for hundreds of applications, services and IoT in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid mode for fast, effective delivery of insights.
  • SQL Sentry: SQL Sentry Performance Advisor delivers real-time and historical views of the most pertinent Azure SQL Data Warehouse performance metrics, allowing customers to see performance trends, and easily access more detailed information for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting. Performance Advisor allows viewing of performance data for any point in time or date range.
  • Tableau: Tableau’s self-service analytics help anyone see and understand their data, across all kinds of data from flat files to databases. Tableau has a native, optimized connector to Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse that supports both live data and in-memory analytics.
  • Targit: Targit Decision Suite provides BI and Analytics platform that delivers real-time dashboards, self-service analytics, user-friendly reporting, stunning mobile capabilities, and simple data-discovery technology in a single, cohesive solution. Designed for every role in every industry, Targit gives companies the courage to act.
  • Yellowfin: Yellowfin is a top rated Cloud BI vendor for ad-hoc Reporting and Dashboards by BARC’s The BI Survey. Connect to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, then create and share beautiful reports and dashboards with award winning collaborative BI and location intelligence features.

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The initial Limited Public Preview is designed for data warehouses in the 5-10 TB range to give users the ability to start testing and providing feedback on the service. You can sign up now, and as we ramp the preview, new customers will be notified as they are accepted. To learn more about Azure SQL Data Warehouse and sign-up for the Public Preview, click here.