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Microsoft Showcases Strong Law Enforcement Momentum for Azure Intelligent Cloud Solutions at IACP

TASER and other leading law enforcement solutions are moving to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

This post was published by the Microsoft Azure team on behalf of Michael Donlan, Vice President, U.S. State and Local Government, Microsoft.


Law enforcement agencies are under mounting pressure to keep communities safe, reduce crime, and improve responsiveness. This week, law enforcement leaders and solution providers are gathering at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference to share insights and strategies for leveraging technology to meet these challenges. The cloud can deliver powerful new capabilities for law enforcement, including digital evidence management, data analysis, and real-time decision support – with solutions delivered on the latest ruggedized mobile devices.

Microsoft is a technology leader for law enforcement organizations with a deep commitment to supporting the critical security standards that agencies around the world must meet. Security and trust in a mobile first, cloud first world matter. Azure Government, a trusted cloud platform dedicated to U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies, is gaining momentum with law enforcement leaders and the solutions they rely on.

A prime example of this momentum can be seen in today’s announcement that Microsoft and TASER have launched an exciting new partnership that will bring together the two companies’ global scale, technology expertise, and shared commitment to law enforcement. TASER will integrate their Evidence.com solution and Axon camera systems with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Windows 10 devices, providing a connected approach for capturing, analyzing, and archiving video and other data to help improve effectiveness and transform operations.

Officers will be able to securely capture, store, and manage digital evidence through a trusted cloud platform that connects each part of the investigation process and streamlines operations from beginning to end. Microsoft Azure will also power next-generation analytics and collaboration with stakeholders throughout the criminal justice system.

From the device to the cloud, Microsoft puts privacy and security of information first, all while increasing productivity for officers in the field and throughout the department. Having highly secure, ruggedized devices with anytime, anywhere access to the cloud means that law enforcement agencies can contribute to ongoing investigations, analyze data, manage evidence, and help protect citizens from imminent threats.

With more than 30 certifications and attestations across Azure and Azure Government, Microsoft meets the most stringent compliance standards in the world and is the only hyper-scale cloud provider in the U.S. that has contractually committed to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy (CJIS). This is one of the primary reasons why agencies like the Los Angeles Police Department, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the Memphis Police Department, and the Oakland Police Department have chosen solutions built on Microsoft Azure Government.

Panasonic is another global platform company that recognizes the benefit in partnering with Microsoft Azure as its Panasonic Arbitrator now offers in-car and body-worn cameras that use Azure Government for secure cloud deployments. Capturing, analyzing, and archiving video data is becoming more important than ever in the public sector, as agencies depend on their technology every day to help keep their citizens safe. Panasonic’s news of extending its platform onto Azure is a benefit to our joint customers, helping them to be more responsive, productive, and effective.

Many other strategic partners are moving to Microsoft Azure Government:

  • NC4, which launched its StreetSmart solution that takes advantage of the security and scale of Azure Government to accelerate law enforcement collaboration.
  • Motorola, which is launching its new Si500 video speaker microphone along with the Command Central Vault digital evidence management solution on Azure Government.
  • MORPHO, which announced its Morpho Cloud, a multi-biometric solution for criminal investigators—including its Automated Fingerprint Identification System—that is hosted on Azure Government.
  • Getac/IRSA, which is delivering world-class in-car video and body worn camera solutions with comprehensive digital evidence management and analytics deployed on Azure Government.
  • VIEVU, which launched its new LE4 and LE4mini cameras along with the VIEVU Solution – a secure video management solution built on Azure Government.

Microsoft is proud to be at the IACP 2015 conference in Chicago this week to discuss the latest innovations made possible with our industry-leading partnerships in law enforcement. Visit our booth, #5211, and see where law enforcement technology is going next.

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