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Sometimes it can be challenging for enterprise developers to start an IoT project, especially with all the overwhelming amount of technical information online. This usually means that a developer who is interested in learning how to create IoT solutions needs to look for documentation in different locations and create his own learning path.

To simplify IoT development, Microsoft has created the Developing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT training, designed to help you learn how to connect and manage devices, analyze data, and extract insights using a flexible IoT platform. The structured curriculum of this training will help you become familiar with Azure IoT and enable you to start a proof of concept within no time. In the course you will learn how to:

In addition, Microsoft is also collaborating with well-known 3rd party cloud technical content providers such as Linux Academy, Cloud Academy and Opsgility to give developers more options to find Azure IoT technical content and get more familiar with our platform. This way, a developer can pick a class, go through the curriculum and immediately start developing end-to-end solutions that use Azure IoT. The initial set of 3rd-party classes on Azure IoT is as follows:

All the Azure IoT trainings use a combination of:

  • Structured curriculum: allowing developers to quickly become familiar with Azure IoT platform
  • Online videos: teaching the fundamentals of Azure IoT and main IoT related cloud services (e.g.: Azure IoT Hub, Azure Stream Analytics)
  • Hands-on Labs: allowing developers to connect real or simulated devices

Please check all the courses available at https://aka.ms/iottraining

Learn more about Microsoft IoT

Microsoft has the most comprehensive IoT portfolio with a wide range of IoT offerings to meet organizations where they are on their IoT journey, including everything businesses need to get started — ranging from operating systems for their devices, cloud services to control them, advanced analytics to gain insights, and business applications to enable intelligent action. To see how Microsoft IoT can transform your business, visit www.InternetofYourThings.com.

Read more about how Microsoft is simplifying IoT to make it even more accessible to organizations interested in digital transformation.

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