Microsoft brings Hadoop to China with the Public Preview of HDInsight

Veröffentlicht am 19 September, 2014

Product Marketing, Hadoop/Big Data and Data Warehousing
Microsoft is announcing that Azure HDInsight is available today to all customers in China as a public preview.  With this release, Microsoft will be the first global cloud provider to have a publicly available cloud Hadoop offering in China.  Both local Chinese organizations and multi-national corporations with offices in China can spin up a Hadoop cluster within minutes. Hadoop was built to solve big data problems by allowing customers to store high volumes of non-relational data. This has resulted in customers being able to unlock analysis on previously overlooked data like machine and sensor generated data, server logs, clickstream data, multimedia files and social sentiment.  By combining existing data sources with Hadoop, customers like Virginia Polytechnic Institute have been able to analyze massive amounts of DNA sequencing data for doing cancer research. Learn more about HDInsight with the following resources: