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Microsoft Azure CLX: A personalized program to learn Azure

CLX is a personalized and self-paced journey that culminates in a certificate of completion—allowing you to maximize learning while minimizing time invested.

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The rise of cloud computing has created demand for proven cloud experts. That’s why we’ve launched the Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX) program, designed to help aspiring learners and IT professionals become Microsoft Azure cloud pros. CLX is a personalized and self-paced journey that culminates in a certificate of completion—allowing you to maximize learning while minimizing time invested.

What is the CLX program?

The CLX program is a four-step program that prepares you for the Microsoft Azure certification exams while optimizing your learning experience and minimizing time invested. The program, which is curated to meet every learner’s unique needs, consists of four steps:

  • A knowledge assessment
  • A Microsoft Learn study materials review
  • A practice test
  • A cram session

At the start of the program, you’ll take a knowledge assessment to test your skills and create a personalized learning path. You’ll then take only the Microsoft Learn courses that are useful to you—saving you time and ensuring that you learn the skills you need to accelerate your career.

A timeline of the CLX course beginning with Step 1 (Knowledge Assessment), then describing step 2 (Study Materials), then Step 3 (Practice Test), then Step 4 (Cram Session), and finally Step 5 (Certification Exam).

What courses will I take?

The courses you take are up to you. The self-paced program is catered to your skillset, and you can embark on six tracks: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals, Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals, Microsoft Azure Administrator, Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure, and Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Series—with more on the way. Learn more about these tracks below.

Course Learner Personas Course Content
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Administrators, Business Users, Developers, Students, Technology Managers

This course strengthens your knowledge of cloud concepts and Azure services, workloads, security, privacy, pricing, and support. It’s designed for learners with an understanding of general technology concepts, such as networking, computing, and storage.

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists

This course, designed for both technical and non-technical professionals, bolsters your understanding of typical machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads and how to implement them for Azure.

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Database Administrators, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Developers

The Data Fundamentals course instructs you on Azure core data concepts, Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB, and modern data warehouse analytics. It’s designed for learners with a basic knowledge of core data concepts and how they’re implemented in Azure.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Azure Cloud Administrators, VDI Administrators, IT Operations Analysts

In Azure Administrator, you’ll learn to implement cloud infrastructure, develop applications, and perform networking, security, and database tasks. It’s designed for learners with a robust understanding of operating systems, networking, servers, and virtualization.

Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure Systems Administrators, Infrastructure Deployment Engineers, Senior System Administrators, Senior Site Reliability Engineers

In this course, you’ll learn to configure on-premises Windows Servers, hybrid, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform workloads. It’s geared toward those with the knowledge to configure, maintain, and deploy on-premises Windows Servers, hybrid, and IaaS platform workloads.

Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Series System Administrators, Infrastructure Deployment Engineers, Associate Database Administrators

This advanced series, which is designed for those with deep administration and deployment knowledge, strengthens your ability to configure and manage Windows Server on-premises, hybrid, and IaaS platform workloads.

How do I get certified?

After you finish your personalized curriculum, you’ll complete a two-hour practice test that mimics the final certification exam. Next, you’ll attend a virtual, instructor-led cram session that dives deeply into the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam content. The four-hour session covers the entire course syllabus to ensure you’re well-prepared to pass with ease.

Once you’ve sharpened your understanding of the Azure platform and its solutions, you’ll receive your certificate of completion. You’ll also walk away with the skills to confidently pass the Microsoft Azure Certification Exams—and the proven expertise to advance your career and exceed your cloud computing goals today and in the future.

To learn more and register, visit the Microsoft Cloud Events Portal or check out our Microsoft Azure CLX introductory video.