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Microsoft Azure 1st Hyperscale Cloud Computing Platform to Enable UK Law Enforcement Community

Veröffentlicht am 20 September, 2017

Senior Director, Microsoft Azure

We’re excited and proud to announce that Microsoft Azure is one of the first hyper-scale cloud computing platforms to be able to service UK law enforcement IT customers. This announcement comes in the wake of the United Kingdom’s Home Office's National Police Information Risk Management Team (NPIRMT) assessment of the services provided by Microsoft UK against their own unique needs. 
As stated by the College of Policing’s Authorised Professional Practice (APP) “Policing is an information-led activity, and information assurance is fundamental to how the police service manages many of the challenges faced in policing today.” Azure is proud to support these expectations through the delivery of quality and capable services expected by the UK law enforcement community.
While the NPRIMT assessment is not a blanket endorsement of the Azure platform, it is available to policing customers from the Home Office and for individual Police Services to consider as part of their own approach to utilizing cloud services in an effective way.