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[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA for Access v4.2) has been updated to support migrating your schema and data from Microsoft Access to SQL Azure. This release makes it possible to move data directly and easily from local Microsoft Access databases. The SQL Server Migration Assistant toolkits were designed to tackle the complex manual process customers deal with when migrating databases. By using the SQL Server Migration Assistants, customers and partners reduce the manual effort; as a result the time, cost and risks associated with migrating are significantly reduced.

You now can “upsize” your data from the Access to the full relational database of SQL Azure. By transitioning from the Access database to SQL Azure (using the migration assistant), with all the benefits of SQL Azure. Best of all, your existing Access application front ends can continue to be used with the data now residing in SQL Azure . Access 2010 can connect transparently to SQL Azure data (via linked tables), opening up opportunities for Access users and technology providers to create rich experiences while leveraging the benefits of the cloud on a “pay as you grow” elastic basis.

For more information on how to use Access 2010 with SQL Azure, please also see the detailed blog that was posted at TechEd which walks through how to get started. This blog is slightly out of date with the new release of SQL Server Migration Assistant; at TechEd it was not possible to move data directly to SQL Azure. We will be following up with updated blog post so stay tuned.

Download for free SSMA for Access v4.2


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