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Last week in Azure: WAF integrates with Azure Security Center, and more

The first full work week of 2018 was a light week for new Azure functionality. Check out Azure Security Center and Microsoft Web Application Firewall integration, a new IoT sample solution to monitor & scale IoT Hub, new Marketplace offers, and more.

The first full work week of 2018 was a light week for new Azure functionality since everyone was returning from the holidays, but that won't last for long.


#Azure #SQLDW, the cost benefits of an on-demand data warehousing – Learn how you can move from an on-premises static and monolithic data warehouse costing US$28k per month to an elastic Hub & Spoke data warehouse in the cloud optimized for performance and accessed by thousands of users with a potential cost saving of 50 percent.

Azure Security Center and Microsoft Web Application Firewall Integration – Azure Security Center now automatically discovers non-ASC provisioned Microsoft Web Application Firewall (WAF) instances. Previously provisioned WAF instances will be displayed in ASC security solutions pane under discovered solutions where the security admin can integrate them with Azure Security Center. Connecting existing Microsoft WAF deployments will help you take advantage of ASC detections regardless of how WAF was provisioned. Additional configuration settings such as custom firewall rules sets are available in the WAF console via links from Azure Security Center.

Manage and Auto-scale your IoT solution with a predictable IoT Cloud – A new sample solution is now available to show how to monitor and automatically scale your IoT Hub based on reaching a specific threshold of messages. The sample, published on the Azure-Samples site, leverages the Azure Durable Functions framework and the IoT Hub Management Client to continually monitor the consumption of your IoT Hub message quota and, when needed, programmatically scale up your IoT Hub capacity.

Azure Marketplace new offers in December 2017 – The Azure Marketplace is the premier destination for all your software needs – certified and optimized to run on Azure. Find, try, purchase, and provision applications & services from hundreds of leading software providers. In December 2017, we published seven new offers, including Elastic Stack on Kubernetes and WordPress LEMP Max Performance.

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Azure shows

Corey is all in on Azure Policy – Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down to share his favorite Demos from a recent conference. In this video he goes all in on Policy and how it can be applied to Azure resources.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse compute optimized performance tier – Ron Ortloff talks with Scott Hanselman about the new Azure SQL Data Warehouse compute optimized tier that enables you to analyze ever growing amounts of data more easily, and how the team used NVM Express caching for up to 100x better performance.

Apache Spark Connector for Azure Cosmos DB – Emily Lawton stops by to chat with Scott Hanselman about the Azure Cosmos DB Spark Connector, which enables Azure Cosmos DB to act as an input source or output sink for Apache Spark jobs

Remote debug Azure Functions written in Java using VS Code – Xiaokai He shows Donovan Brown how to quickly develop and deploy serverless functions to Azure, then go inside the black box and debug functions locally, as well as remotely in the cloud.

The Azure Podcast: Episode 211 – Azure Monitor – Cale and Sujit talk about one of the unsung heroes of Azure, the Monitor service.