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Today, Ortsbo.com and celebrity spokesperson Gene Simmons will present KISS Live & Global, an online multi-language global chat event powered by the Windows Azure platform. Showcasing the power of cloud computing, the event will feature a live, interactive studio audience in Los Angeles and be broadcast around the world via live streaming to computers and mobile devices.  Guinness Book of World Records will also be onsite tracking the attendees as Ortsbo.com plans to break the current world record for a live streaming chat, which is currently at 50 nationalities.

For the first time in history, fans from all over the world who are pre-registered at Ortsbo.com will have the opportunity to interact with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in their native language.  Questions and answers will instantly translate in up to 53 languages, allowing viewers all over the world to review the live chat and ultimately communicate in truly unique ways, making this event a truly worldwide spectacle.


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