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Keeping up with Azure Government: September highlights

I’m super excited to recap a busy month of service launches and releases.

I’m super excited to recap an exciting month of service launches and releases. This has been an extra busy month for us where we landed critical and key features that you all have been waiting for. We believe these updates provide a richer, more robust customer experience and are excited to bring these additional awesome products to the US Government market including: SQL v12, Redis Cache, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Service Fabric, Storage Service Encryption, Web Apps.

Specifically, major updates to the platform include:

  • Enhancements to Azure Government Resource Management (ARM), making it much easier to setup and configure your virtual machines and other services
  • SQL v12, allowing users to focus on rapid app development and get rid of your need to worry about managing the VMs and infrastructure that support your SQL databases
  • Storage Service Encryption encrypts your data at rest to meet government security and compliance requirements
  • Bringing F-Series VMs to USGov Iowa

Other highlights from this month include:

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