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Azure Media Indexer 2: Japanese support, punctuation improvements, no more time limit

Azure Media Indexer 2 Preview now supports the Japanese language and media files greater than 10 minutes in duration.

On the heels of Microsoft's groundbreaking new developments in speech recognition, we have are continuing along our path: improving the quality of the transcripts generated by Azure Media Indexer and expanding our locale support to eventually accomplish our goal of being able to recognize all human speech on the Azure cloud.

Today we are ready to release the following improvements to Azure Media Indexer 2 Preview:

  • Japanese language models for public (preview) consumption in Azure Media Indexer 2
  • Removal of the 10 minute processing limit 
  • Additional quality improvements with respect to punctuation and grammar

This Japanese language works in an identical manner to all other language models, simply provide the proper language code in the configuration file.

The following configuration will allow you to process a file with Japanese speech content (with defaults in all other Options)

    'Version': '1.0',
    'Features': [{
        'Options': {
            "Language": "JaJp"


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