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[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

Sitecore has been chosen as our first ISV of the month.  Sitecore provides a content management solution for Enterprise websites and has strong momentum within the ISV community and with customers alike.  In this video below, Sitecore outlines why they are a leader in the Gartner magic quadrant:


Sitecore’s CMS Azure Edition leverages the considerable advantages of Azure for scalable, Enterprise class deployment. Azure allows Sitecore to extend it solution to the cloud, allowing customers and partners to easily and quickly scale websites to new geographies and respond to surges in demand.

Microsoft Azure provides a global deployment platform for Sitecore public facing webs servers. Your Core and Master Sitecore servers are deployed locally at your facilities behind your firewall, but your public facing Sitecore web servers are hosted at Microsoft facilities. Microsoft Windows Azure’s compute, storage, networking, and management capabilities seamlessly and reliably links to your on-premise Sitecore application and servers.

The advantages of this hybrid approach is users can manage their main Sitecore editing and database servers securely on-premise and push website content to their front-end Sitecore based Windows Azure cloud servers in dispersed geographic locations.

Sitecore has an upcoming webcast, register here.

Find the Press Release here.

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