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Introduction to Azure Backup

Azure Recovery Services now offers Azure Backup as a simple and reliable way to manage and protect data to Azure.

Azure Backup is a part of Azure Recovery Services and provides simple and reliable ways to manage and protect data to Azure in a secure and efficient setting. Azure Backup offers bottomless storage and long term retention in a cost-effective way, making it a good alternative to Tape for Offsite Backup target. Integrated tightly with the existing Microsoft Data Protection tools, Azure Backup offers protection to a wide range of Microsoft Work Loads.



Not only is Azure Backup easy to get started with, it’s simple to use. Small Businesses often use Azure Backup alone or in conjunction with Windows Server Backup to backup Files and Folders. Medium and enterprise level businesses will now have the opportunity to leverage the simplicity of Azure Backup and the powerful feature set of System Center Data Protection Manager together to backup and restore Microsoft Work Loads such as SQL, Hyper-V VMs, SharePoint, Exchange etc. Automation of the protection flows can be administered through PowerShell Commandlets.


Azure Backup provides best in class security by encrypting data both in-transit and at-rest, ensuring that any customer data leaving customer premises is encrypted. Encryption keys are always managed by the customer. Microsoft, as an online Backup service provider, will have no  knowledge of the key.


Azure Backup assures Reliability by automatically creating and managing geographically redundant copies through geo replication. 99.9% service availability is assured and is backed with SLAs.


Azure Backup ensures efficient use of bandwidth and storage by performing incremental Backups to Azure. Data Compression and throttling features enable customers to further refine the optimizations.


In addition to saving time and money from incurring initial software and hardware capex costs and recurring management costs, Azure Backup ensures that usage charges are metered per GB of storage consumed through pay-as-you-go model.


Azure Backup is supported on Windows Server 2008 R2 and above SKUs. Azure Management Portal is available in 11 languages with availability in 89 countries through 8 data centers including US, Europe and South Asia.

Getting Started

To get started with Azure Backup, all it takes is a Subscription to Azure and a Backup vault provisioned on Azure Recovery Services portal. Here is a quick short video of “Getting Started”. More information on using Windows Azure Backup is available on MSDN and additional information can be found at FAQs and Support page.


User Forum is the channel to solicit feedback and asks from customers. Windows Azure Backup forums is also a great place to start for any support queries.