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Explore cutting-edge AI solutions with Microsoft at NVIDIA GTC

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Join Microsoft at the NVIDIA GTC AI Conference March 18–21 at booth #1108 in San Jose, CA (or virtually) to discover how these cutting-edge Azure AI services and supercomputing infrastructure in the cloud can help power your AI transformation.

Welcome to the new era, where AI is driving innovation and rapidly changing what applications look like, how they’re designed and built, and how they’re delivered. Businesses in nearly every industry are racing to apply AI in their products and operations to better engage customers, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge.

Most companies are familiar with the transformative capabilities of AI but are unclear where and how to best apply AI in their business. To accelerate AI development and integration, organizations need a trusted partner with AI expertise that can help them determine their AI strategy and provide comprehensive, unified services, infrastructure, and tools specifically designed for AI.

Realize cutting-edge AI capabilities

Join Microsoft at the NVIDIA GTC AI Conference March 18-21

Companies of all sizes are turning to Microsoft for innovative, secure, and responsible AI services. Microsoft provides full-stack AI solutions—including developer tools, application services, and supercomputing infrastructure built specifically for AI, plus a global team of AI experts that can help organizations accelerate their AI production.

Continuously investing to deliver the latest responsible and secure AI technologies, Microsoft is committed to helping companies transform their business with AI. Hear how Microsoft is helping organizations around the world achieve more with Microsoft AI in this video.  

Delivering cutting-edge AI services

In 2023, Microsoft unveiled yet another round of AI innovations, from AI services to silicon, that can help any business accelerate AI production. Whether you need to add intelligence to your existing applications or create new ones from scratch, Microsoft Azure has the right AI services and infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure AI Studio, now in preview, empowers organizations and developers to innovate with AI. The platform, accessibly and responsibly designed, provides a one-stop shop to seamlessly explore, build, test, and deploy AI solutions using state-of-the-art AI tools and machine learning models. Developers can build generative AI applications, including copilot experiences, using out-of-the-box and customizable tooling and models with built-in security and compliance.

Microsoft Copilot and Microsoft Copilot for Azure transform productivity and business processes, from office workers and front-line workers to developers and IT professionals. Azure AI Services offers pre-built cognitive services that can perform tasks like vision, speech, and decision making, to custom machine learning solutions that can be built and deployed using Azure Machine Learning. Azure OpenAI Service offers industry-leading coding and language AI models and the latest advancements in generative AI for content creation, conversation AI, and data grounding.

Azure supercomputing infrastructure provides the latest AI-optimized silicon featuring new Microsoft custom-designed chips—Azure Maia 100 and Azure Cobalt 100, NVIDIA® H100 and H200 Tensor Core graphics processing unit (GPU)-optimized Azure virtual machines, and NVIDA AI foundry service on Azure.

Experience the innovation at NVIDIA GTC

Join Microsoft at the NVIDIA GTC AI Conference March 18–21 at booth #1108 in San Jose, CA (or virtually) to discover how these cutting-edge Azure AI services and supercomputing infrastructure can help power your AI transformation. Through in-person and on-demand sessions, live discussions, and hands-on demos, attendees can:

  • Get to know the core Azure AI services and technologies that power some of the world’s largest and most complex AI models and applications.
  • Discover how to accelerate the delivery of generative AI and large language models.
  • Explore how Azure AI Studio and purpose-built cloud infrastructure can accelerate AI development and deployment.
  • Learn from best practices and customer experiences to speed your AI journey.

Attend Microsoft sessions

Register for a Microsoft in-person or on-demand session at NVIDIA GTC. See the full list of and register for Microsoft sessions.

  • S63275 Power your AI transformation with the Microsoft Cloud
  • S63277 Unlocking Generative AI in the Enterprise with NVIDIA on Azure
  • S63274 The Next Level of GenAI with Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot
  • S63273 Deep Dive into Training and Inferencing Large Language Models on Azure
  • S63276 Behind the scenes with Azure AI infrastructure

Talks and panels

  • S61190 The Small Models Revolution
  • S62777 The Role of Generative AI in Modern Medicine
  • S61936 A Deep Dive into Sustainable Cloud Computing
  • S62336 ONNX Runtime: Accelerated AI Deployment for PC Apps
  • S62730 Generative AI Adoption and Operational Challenges in Government
  • S62783 Digitalizing the World’s Largest Industries with OpenUSD and Generative AI
  • S62504 Optimizing Your AI Strategy to Develop and Deploy Novel Deep Learning Models in the Cloud for Medical Image Analysis
  • S62447 Best Practices in Networking for AI: Perspectives from Cloud Service Providers

Meet with Microsoft

Visit Microsoft in person at booth #1108 where we’ll showcase the latest in AI services and supercomputing infrastructure. Join live discussion sessions (in-booth theater), connect with Microsoft AI experts, and try out the latest technology and hardware. Can’t join in person? Visit us virtually via the NVIDIA GTC site starting March 18.

Get hands-on training

Microsoft is proud to host NVIDIA Hands-On Training at GTC. Attend full-day, hands-on, instructor-led workshops offered onsite and virtually. Participants will have access to a fully-configured GPU-accelerated server in the cloud and the chance to earn an NVIDIA certificate of subject matter competency.

Register today

We’re excited to meet with you in person or virtually at the NVIDIA GTC AI Conference. With over 900 inspiring sessions, 200+ exhibits, 20+ technical workshops, and tons of unique networking events, discover what’s next in AI and accelerated computing at NVIDIA GTC. Register today.

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