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End-to-end cloud experiences for developers at Node.js Interactive North America

Over 700 developers, DevOps engineers and other Node.js enthusiasts met in Austin earlier this month for Node.js Interactive North America. Microsoft is proud to have been a platinum sponsor and I’m…

Over 700 developers, DevOps engineers and other Node.js enthusiasts met in Austin last month for Node.js Interactive North America. Microsoft is proud to have been a platinum sponsor and I’m particularly thrilled to have keynoted the event, kicking off a great week of community engagement: from meetups to workshops, sessions covering from debugging to robots and content that highlights our work in technologies like TypeScript or Node-Chakracore.

For those of us working with Node.js at Microsoft, this event is an important milestone in our own Node.js journey. Today we support Node.js broadly in Microsoft Azure, providing developers with architectural choices to build applications on the infrastructure, with VM Scale Sets and Linux-based Node.js stacks, on container infrastructure, with Azure Container Service, on our PaaS, with support for Node.js for Web, IoT, mobile or serverless applications, and through 3rd party Node.js IaaS and PaaS solutions in Azure.

Whatever choice you make, we add value to those investments by providing Node.js SDKs for multiple Azure services and client drivers for many of our data solutions, including MongoDB protocol support in DocumentDB. And what’s more important – we value developer productivity in whatever platform you choose and that’s why we continue investing in great DevOps tooling and a redefined coding experience with Visual Studio Code, providing IntelliSense & debugging, powerful extensibility and out-of-the-box Azure support that works everywhere.

On my keynote at Node.js Interactive North America, I gave attendees some perspective on what our vision for Node.js is and where we are going, including walking participants through how those experiences look and feel like for Node.js developers in the cloud using solutions like Docker support in Azure App Service, and covering debugging use cases (even if you couldn’t attend the event, you can follow along on GitHub)

Developers around the globe are adopting this powerful combination of open source, Node.js and the cloud at a rapid pace. Enterprise adoption continues growing, and is already popular in polyglot scenarios, including amongst Microsoft customers.


In fact, during my keynote I shared with the community our perspective on how and why organizations are adopting Node.js in the cloud, based on our experience as an open and flexible global cloud platform where over 60% of Marketplace solutions integrate open source, nearly 1 in 3 VMs run Linux, the number of customers running containers is quadrupling and over a dozen Node.js solutions coexist in Marketplace, signaling we can expect the growth of Node.js in Azure to continue.

Our Node.js vision focuses on developer productivity, flexible and powerful cloud deployments and production operations & diagnostics that support the enterprise business needs. Some of our products like TypeScript, Visual Studio or Microsoft Azure are helping customers bring this vision to reality today, and we will continue investing in this portfolio as well as in the community and ecosystem to ensure that we can maintain a learning loop that empowers developers to do more with Node.js in the cloud.

For example, Microsoft is part of the Node Foundation (which, by the way, is looking for your input) and an active participant of the CTC, TSC & a number of WGs contributing on areas like TypeScript, Chakra and more, and we learn a lot through our developer support team focused on open source experiences, including Node.js.

As we close a great year of Node.js momentum in the cloud, make sure you check out all the content from Node.js Interactive North America on YouTube, explore the end-to-end Node.js demo and get started with Node.js in Azure.