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Easily enable identity and access management with social logins for B2C apps

Check out our latest Microsoft Mechanics show featuring the new Azure AD B2C service.

If you want to make it easier for your customers to easily and securely login to your consumer-facing apps with existing accounts like Microsoft, Google and Facebook and greatly minimize the work required to maintain customer identities, you’ll want to watch our latest Microsoft Mechanics show featuring the new Azure AD B2C service.

Lead engineer Alex Simons walks through how you can quickly connect your existing Web and mobile apps, allow your users to sign-in with social network accounts as well as configure the service and scale your app to reach millions of consumers globally.

Azure Active Directory B2C is a cloud identity management service that can be easily integrated with your applications with no coding requirements. You are able to use identity providers such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft accounts or use personal email addresses and allow your users to securely log in from anywhere. You can even add multi-factor authentication from within the service. Further, once configured, you can add your own branded look and feel.

As we illustrate on the show, you can also customize which ID providers you would like to configure and set policies to drive the user interaction with your app during the registration and sign in process.

You’ll learn how you can get started and how Azure AD B2C works with a demo of world famous football club, Real Madrid’s fan app.

Try it out for free with the tech public preview today.