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Cognitive Services Speech SDK 1.2 – December update – Python, Node.js/NPM and other improvements

With the December 2018 release, we continue to improve the capabilities and features of the Cognitive Services Speech SDK.

Developers can now access the latest improvements to Cognitive Services Speech Service including a new Python API and more. Details below.

Read the updated Speech Services documentation to get started today.

Speech services updates

What’s new

Python API for Speech Service

  • Python 3.5 and later versions on the Windows and Linux operating systems are supported.
  • Python is the first language that the Speech Service supports on macOS X (version 10.12 and later).
  • Python modules can be conveniently installed from PyPI.

Node.js support

  • Support for Node.js is now available, in addition to support for JavaScript in the browser. Through the npm package manager, developers can install the Speech Service module and its prerequisites.
  • The JavaScript version of Speech Service is now also available as an opensource project on GitHub.

Linux support

Support for Ubuntu 18.04 is now available in addition to pre-existing support for Ubuntu 16.04.

New features by popular demand

Lightweight SDK for greater performance

By reducing the number of required concurrent threads, mutexes, and locks, Speech Services now offers a more lightweight SDK with enhanced error reporting.

Control of server connectivity and connection status

A newly added connection object enables control over when the SDK connects to the Speech Service. You can also now subscribe to receive connection notifications that report the exact time of server connection and termination.

Unlimited audio session length support

For JavaScript, length restrictions for recorded audio sessions have been lifted. The SDK buffers the audio file and then automatically reconnects and retransmits audio data to the service.

Support for ProGuard during Android APK generation is also now available.

For more details and examples for how your business can benefit from the new functionality for Speech Services, check out release notes and samples in the GitHub sample repository for Speech Services.