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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 42

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 86 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live.

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 86 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


360 VR Museum

360°VR Museum: The 360°VR Museum is a virtual exhibition platform that allows users to view HD 360-degree re-creations of local and international exhibitions where visitors can move around freely using a mouse or touch screen input. This application is available only in Korean.

Apache Airflow Helm Chart

Apache Airflow Helm Chart: Apache Airflow is a tool to express and execute workflows as directed acyclic graphs. It includes utilities to schedule tasks, monitor task progress, and handle task dependencies.

Apache Superset (Ubuntu)

Apache Superset (Ubuntu): Websoft9 Superset stack is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for running the Apache Superset data exploration and visualization web application on Azure.

Ataccama ONE Data Quality Management

Ataccama ONE: Data Quality Management: Employ smart, automated metadata discovery algorithms to know the state of your data quality; empower data users to make smarter, more informed decisions; and prevent costly mistakes with Ataccama ONE.

Avid Media Composer Azure Test Drive

Avid Media Composer Azure Test Drive: Experience editing in the cloud with Avid Media Composer on Azure. This Test Drive includes one NV12 virtual machine with Avid Media Composer 2018.12, sample media, and Teradici Cloud Access software installed.

CallidusCloud WorkFlow

CallidusCloud Workflow: CallidusCloud Workflow includes everything you need to organize, automate, execute, and analyze business processes to connect people, data, and daily activities.

CentOS 6.10

CentOS 6.10: This secure, cost-efficient, and quick to deploy distribution of Linux is based on CentOS and provided by Northbridge Secure. Enjoy the power of Microsoft Azure from any device in a matter of hours.

Citrix ADC 13

Citrix ADC 13.0: Providing operational consistency and a smooth user experience, Citrix ADC is an enterprise-grade application delivery controller that delivers your applications quickly, reliably, and securely – with deployment and pricing flexibility to meet your unique needs.


Citynet: Citynet is a monthly subscription-based SaaS application that enables cities to upload their unstructured city council data to Azure, where it’s automatically and semantically indexed and made available for natural language querying.

cleverEAI by Sunato

cleverEAI by Sunato: cleverEAI monitors all BizTalk integration processes. View your workflows in real time, analyze, and reprocess failed instances immediately. This VM image contains a complete BizTalk environment, configured automatically by the cleverEAI installation package.

CMFlex Cloud ERP

CMFlex: The CMFlex SaaS solution can be operated in different browsers and devices via the web, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere with accurate, real-time information. This application is available only in Portuguese.

Compliant FileVision

Compliant FileVision: Compliant FileVision is a policy management solution that empowers you to implement consistent, efficient, and sustainable processes for managing the lifecycle of corporate policies and standards, incidents, service improvement requests, and procedures.

Data Protector

Data Protector: Micro Focus Data Protector is an enterprise-grade backup and DR solution for large, complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Built on a scalable architecture that combines security and analytics, it enables users to meet continuity needs reliably and cost-effectively.

FileMage Gateway

FileMage Gateway: FileMage Gateway is a secure cloud file transfer solution that seamlessly connects legacy SFTP, FTPS, and FTP protocols to Azure Blob Storage.

Forms Connect

Forms Connect: Forms Connect enables you to digitize paper processes by capturing images and data and storing them in Office 365. This solution is ideal for HR and finance teams looking to solve the challenges of capturing information from the field and moving it to Azure.

Global Product Authentication Service

Global Product Authentication Service: Global Product Authentication Service is an innovative cloudâ€based brand protection, track-and-trace, and consumer engagement service that drives business value by addressing challenges organizations face when operating in global markets.

Graylog (Ubuntu)

Graylog (Ubuntu): Websoft9 Graylog stack is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for running log systems on Azure. Graylog captures, stores, and enables real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data.


HealthCloud: The HealthCloud platform enables organizations and partners to easily develop highly interoperable solutions across the healthcare value chain. Its API-driven methodology delivers consolidated health data and patient-centric records from a wide range of sources.

Hibun Information leakage Prevention

Hibun Information Leak Prevention Solution: Protect confidential data from various information leaks, including theft, loss of device, insider fraud, and information theft by targeted cyberattacks.


Hyperlex: Hyperlex is a Software-as-a-Service solution for contract management and analysis with AI that identifies legal documents and their important information for retrieval, saving your organization considerable time and resources. This application is available only in French.

Hysolate for Privileged User Devices

Hysolate for Privileged User Devices: Privileged Access Workstations (PAWs) provide a dedicated operating system for sensitive tasks that is protected from attacks and threat vectors. Hysolate makes PAWs practical to adopt at scale without degrading productivity.

Hystax Backup and Disaster Recovery to Azure

Hystax Backup and Disaster Recovery to Azure: Hystax Backup and Disaster Recovery to Azure delivers consistent replication, storage-agnostic snapshots, and orchestration functionality with enterprise-grade recovery point objective and recovery time objective.

Imago-ai Intelligent Chatbot

Imago.ai Intelligent Chatbot: Intelligent Chatbot on Microsoft Azure includes an interactive chatbot interface allowing clients to plug into any digital media as well as a dashboard that combines user behaviors and history to provide business insights.

InnGage Citypoints

InnGage Citypoints: InnoWave’s InnGage Citypoints gamification application on Microsoft Azure recognizes and rewards citizens who adopt good citizenship practices.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (25 Users - Linux)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (25 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end self-service business intelligence platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, a semantic layer, and integrated ETL capabilities.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (50 Users - Linux)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (50 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end self-service business intelligence platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, a semantic layer, and integrated ETL capabilities.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (100 Users - Linux)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (100 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end self-service business intelligence platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, a semantic layer, and integrated ETL capabilities.

Jamcracker CSB Service Provider Version 7.0.3

Jamcracker CSB Service Provider Version 7.0.3: This solution automates order management, provisioning, and billing and can be easily integrated to support enterprise ITSM, billing, ERP, and identity systems including Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Services.

Jenkins (Ubuntu)

Jenkins (Ubuntu): Jenkins is an automation server with a broad plugin ecosystem for supporting practically every tool as a part of the delivery pipeline. Websoft9 Jenkins stack is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for running Jenkins on Azure.

Jenkins on Windows Server 2016

Jenkins on Windows Server 2016: Jenkins is a leading open source CI/CD server that enables the automation of building, testing, and shipping software projects. Jenkins on Windows Server 2016 includes all plugins needed to deploy any service to Azure.

KNIME Server Small

KNIME Server Small: KNIME Server, KNIME’s flagship collaboration product, offers shared repositories, advanced access management, flexible execution, web enablement, and commercial support. Share data, nodes, metanodes, and workflows throughout your company.

Knowage Community Edition (Ubuntu)

Knowage Community Edition (Ubuntu): Websoft9 Knowage is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for deployment Knowage on Azure. Knowage Community Edition includes all analytical capabilities and guarantees a full end user experience.

Lustre on Azure

Lustre on Azure: Lustre on Azure is a scalable, parallel file system built for high performance computing (HPC). It is ideally suited for dynamic, pay-as-you-go applications from rapid simulation and prototyping to peak HPC workloads.

Machine Translation

Machine Translation: Tilde Machine Translation offers custom systems to fit each client’s needs, delivering human-like translations that help save time and money, facilitate processes, and maximize sales.

NGINX Plus Enterprise Edition

NGINX Plus Enterprise Edition: NGINX Plus brings enterprise-ready features such as application load balancing, monitoring, and advanced management to your Azure application stack, helping you deliver applications with the performance, security, and scale of Azure.

Odoo Community Edition (Ubuntu)

Odoo Community Edition (Ubuntu): Websoft9 Odoo stack is a preconfigured, ready-to-run image for Odoo on Azure. The Odoo suite of web-based, open source business apps includes CRM, website builder, e-commerce, warehouse management, project management, and more.

OMNIA Low-code Platform

OMNIA Low-code Platform: Model your applications using a business language based on economic theory, greatly reducing your product’s development cycles from conception to deployment.

Omnia Retail

Omnia Retail: Omnia is a leading SaaS solution for integrated dynamic pricing and online marketing automation. It helps retailers regain control, save time, and drive profitable growth.

OXID eShop e-commerce platform

OXID eShop e-commerce platform: ESYON’s OXID SaaS solution on Azure offers powerful, modern shop software with many out-of-the-box functions for B2B, B2C, and internationalization.

Package Be Cloud RGDP Azure - PIA

Package Be Cloud RGDP Azure – PIA: Designed to facilitate your compliance process, Be Cloud’s tool can be adapted to your specific needs or to your business sector. This application is available only in French.

POINTR - Customer & Marketing Analytics

POINTR – Customer & Marketing Analytics: POINTR is a customer and marketing analytics application built using Microsoft Azure and Power BI. It delivers customer intelligence and actionable insights from personalized marketing campaigns via an intuitive interface.

Population Health Management Solution

Population Health Management Solution: BroadReach creates simple solutions to complex health challenges. By combining expert consulting and powered Vantage technologies, BroadReach gives clients the innovative edge to transform health outcomes.


Portability: Onecub is a personal data portability tool for the GDPR right to portability (article 20), providing companies with an all-in-one service to offer controlled, innovative portability to their clients.

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 11

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 11: Postgres Pro Standard Database comes with SQL and NoSQL support. Postgres Pro Enterprise Database contains more features on top of Postgres Pro Standard Database to work with large databases and process lots of transactions.

Power BI voor Exact Online

Power BI voor Exact Online: Power BI for Exact Online is a powerful business analysis application configured and optimized for Exact Online’s business administration and accounting environment. This application is available only in the Netherlands.

Power BI voor Twinfield

Power BI voor Twinfield: Power BI for Twinfield is a powerful business analysis application configured and optimized for Twinfield’s business administration and accounting environment. This application is available only in the Netherlands.

Realtime Sales Radar

Realtime Sales Radar: Track developments and sales figures of your online platforms in real time with the help of this HMS consulting service and data collection in the Azure cloud.

ReportServer on Ubuntu

ReportServer on Ubuntu: Websoft9 offers a preconfigured and ready-to-run image for ReportServer, a modern and versatile business intelligence (OSBI) platform, on Azure.

SentryOne Test

SentryOne Test: SentryOne Test (formerly LegiTest) is a comprehensive, automated data testing framework that allows you to test all your data-centric applications in an easy-to-use platform.

Service Management Automation X

Service Management Automation X: Micro Focus SMAX is an application suite for service and asset management, built from the ground up to include machine learning and analytics.

Snyk Cloud Security Platform

Snyk Cloud Security Platform: This Snyk solution lets developers securely use open source software while accelerating migration to Azure of micro-services and containerized and serverless workloads.

Social Intranet Analytics - with Netmind Core

Social Intranet Analytics – with Netmind Core: Get a detailed overview of the use, acceptance, multilocation collaboration, and interactions on your social intranet with Netmind Core from Mindlab.


sospes: Sospes allows staff to report workplace incidents (injuries, property damage, environmental hazards, security threats) and generates management and regulatory reports.


StoreHippo: StoreHippo is a SaaS e-commerce platform used by customers across more than 15 countries and 35 business verticals. StoreHippo offers scalability and flexibility for next-gen businesses.

SyAudit for Medical Record Audits

SyAudit for Medical Record Audits: This solution from SyTrue scans medical records and highlights key data by record type to let auditors quickly validate findings through a modernized workflow.

Tidal Migrations -Premium Insights for Database

Tidal Migrations – Premium Insights for Database: Analyze your databases and uncover roadblocks to Azure cloud migration with this add-on to your Tidal Migrations subscription.

Trac - Issue Tracking System (Ubuntu)

Trac – Issue Tracking System (Ubuntu): This stack from Websoft9 is a preconfigured image for Trac on Azure. Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Module

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Module: This IoT Edge Module (with Python) from BRFRame automatically categorizes dataset anomalies, eliminating manual work that can take time and lead to inaccuracies.

Video Inteligencia para Seguridad y Prevencion

Video Inteligencia para Seguridad y Prevención: This video analytics solution acts as the brain of a security system, enabling decision-making in real time. This application is available only in Spanish.

VM Explorer

VM Explorer: Micro Focus VM Explorer is an easy-to-use and reliable backup solution, offering fast VM and granular restore, replication, and verification of VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.


winsafe: Winsafe from Nextronic is an IoT dashboard platform that can locate static or mobile end-devices positioned in outdoor or indoor areas without a dedicated infrastructure.

Consulting Services

Advanced DevOps Automation with CI-CD 10-Day Imp

Advanced DevOps Automation with CI/CD: 10-Day Imp.: Leveraging InCycle’s Azure DevOps Accelerators, InCycle cloud architects will ensure customers realize modern CI/CD pipelines, IT governance, and minimum time to production.

App Modernization Implementation - 3-Week Imp

App Modernization Implementation – 3-Week Imp.: Based on InCycle’s proprietary Modern App Factory approach and Accelerators, InCycle’s Azure architects will analyze your environment, co-define your goals, and develop a cloud adoption strategy and roadmap.

Application Portfolio Assessment - Briefing 1-day

Application Portfolio Assessment – Briefing: 1-day: HCL Technologies’ free one-day briefing ensures customers understand HCL’s Cloud Assessment Framework and how it performs assessment in a proven methodology for migration to Microsoft Azure.

Azure AI & Bots  2-Hr Assessment

Azure AI & Bots: 2-Hr Assessment: This Neudesic assessment will provide a recommendation on how Microsoft Azure can be used to meet a key business need with an AI-powered bot using Neudesic’s agile, repeatable approach to accelerate delivery time and value.

Azure Architecture Assessment - 2-day workshop

Azure Architecture Assessment – 2-day workshop: In this assessment, Cloud Valley’s cloud architects gather functional and operational requirements, see how they align with your current business goals, and propose a technological solution.

Azure back-up and DR workshop - 2.5 days

Azure back-up and DR workshop – 2.5 days: Acora’s team will review your on-premises or cloud environment to provide a recommended approach for migrating to Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

Azure Cloud Readiness 2-Week Assessment

Azure Cloud Readiness: 2-Week Assessment: Emtec evaluates business processes and technology infrastructure to assess current investments and identify potential areas that are ripe for successful cloud migration and adoption.

Azure Management Services 10-Wk Implementation

Azure Management Services: 10-Wk Implementation: Catapult Systems’ Azure Management Services allow users to continuously optimize their cloud environment. In this assessment, Catapult helps you pick the option that best fits the objectives for your cloud environment.

Azure Migration - 2 Day Assessment

Azure Migration – 2 Day Assessment: This Third I assessment is driven by an in-depth review of your existing solution architecture to help identify a suitable modern data warehouse to match your solution needs.

Azure Migration 2.5 day Workshop

Azure Migration: 2.5 day Workshop: Acora will review your technical capability and readiness for a migration to Azure and provide recommendations on the cost, resources, and time needed to move with minimal downtime.

Citrix Workspace on Azure 5 Day Proof of Concept

Citrix Workspace on Azure: 5 Day Proof of Concept: Get a custom proof of concept of Citrix Cloud Workspace Integrated with Microsoft Azure along with design and cost estimates to enable your organization to move forward with the solution.

Cloud Foundation Assessment 6 Wk Assessment

Cloud Foundation Assessment: 6 Wk Assessment: This Anglepoint assessment will help you optimize your environment before you migrate to the cloud to ensure the most cost-effective solution that maximizes throughput and availability.

Cloud Journey Assessment- 4 Weeks

Cloud Journey Assessment – 4 Weeks: In this four-week assessment, Dedalus will determine the Azure dependencies for each of your applications to prioritize which applications and systems are the best candidates for migration.

Cloud Migration -8 week implementation

Cloud Migration – 8 week implementation: CloudOps will help develop an Azure migration and cloud-native strategy that meets your current workload and security requirements while enabling you to scale to the future needs of your business.

Cloud Optimized WAN Engagement 4-day Assessment

Cloud Optimized WAN Engagement: 4-day Assessment: Equinix will help develop a customized WAN strategy focusing on improved latency, performance, security, and flexibility while providing clear insights into your expected return on investment or total cost of ownership.

DataDebut Cloud Analytics 5-Day Proof of Concept

DataDebut Cloud Analytics: 5-Day Proof of Concept: This POC engagement helps boost your understanding of cloud concepts and offerings so that you can identify potential future value of enhancing your data platform, define your path to cloud-native data analytics, and more.

DataGuide Cloud Analytics Intro 1-Day Assessment

DataGuide Cloud Analytics Intro: 1-Day Assessment: Intended for solution architects, project and program managers, and key stakeholders, this free engagement gives your organization an overview of Azure data analytics and how they can greatly enhance your data estate.

DataVision Project Discovery 5-Day Assessment

DataVision Project Discovery: 5-Day Assessment: This Azure data project discovery provides in-depth analysis, design, and planning, enabling you to employ future-proof architectures, identify the best approach for the rationalization of existing data assets, and more.

Equinix Cloud Exchange 2-day Implementation

Equinix Cloud Exchange: 2-day Implementation: Equinix’s Cloud Enablement services make it easy to complete the setup and configuration necessary to activate your connection to the Azure cloud.

ExpressRoute Connectivity Strategy 3-day Workshop

ExpressRoute Connectivity Strategy: 3-day Workshop: This Equinix workshop empowers customers to implement an Azure ExpressRoute connectivity strategy tailored for their specific needs and is a fast-track path to optimized Azure consumption.

Onboarding Services - USA 4 weeks implementation

Onboarding Services – USA: 4 weeks implementation: Anunta’s Onboarding Services on Azure ensure end-to-end management of virtual desktop workload transition to the cloud, including implementation, Active Directory configuration, image creation, app configuration, and more.

Palo Alto Test Drive on Azure 1-2 Day Workshop

Palo Alto Test Drive on Azure: 1/2 Day Workshop: See how easy it is to securely extend your corporate datacenter to Azure using Palo Alto Networks Next Generation VM-Series firewalls with security features to protect applications and data from threats.

Predica Azure Migration 5-Day Proof of Concept

Predica Azure Migration 5-Day Proof of Concept: In this cloud migration proof of concept, Predica will guide you through the process of workload migration, ensuring you get the most from your Microsoft Azure implementation.

Security & Compliance Assessment - 4 Wk Assessment

Security & Compliance Assessment – 4 Wk Assessment: This Logicworks offering will help you assess your Azure environment against compliance frameworks and receive automated reporting, vulnerability scanning, and a remediation roadmap to help you improve security.

Spyglass-Azure Security- 10 Wk Implementation

Spyglass/Azure Security – 10 Wk. Implementation: Catapult’s Spyglass service jump-starts your cloud security by deploying Microsoft’s security tools and leveraging security experts, best practices, and centralized security dashboards.