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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 41

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 109 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live.

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 109 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Active Directory Domain Controller 2019

Active Directory Domain Controller 2019: This virtual machine comes pre-loaded with the Active Directory Domain Services role, DNS server role, remote administration tools for Active Directory, DNS, and the required PowerShell modules.

ADQTM-aThingz Data Quality Tracking and Management

ADQTM-aThingz Data Quality Tracking and Management: Improve operational efficiency, optimize cost, gain productivity, and eliminate recurring problems in your data with ADQTM’s seamless pre-built dashboards, KPIs, data models, machine learning, and cognitive features.

Anqlave Data Vault

Anqlave Data Vault: Anqlave Data Vault is a secure and scalable key management system that leverages the Intel Software Guard Extensions technology on Azure and allows users to run and manage its Hardware Security Module on Azure.

ANS GLASS Cloud Management Portal

ANS GLASS Cloud Management Portal: Managed Azure with ANS GLASS delivers business-critical cloud support to ensure you realize the full business value of Azure while keeping your business operationally agile and efficient in the cloud.

ArcBlock ABT Blockchain Node Taiwan

ArcBlock ABT Blockchain Node Taiwan: ArcBlock ABT Blockchain Node is fully decentralized and uses ArcBlock's blockchain development platform to easily build, run, and use DApps and blockchain-ready services.

ArcSight ArcMC 290

ArcSight ArcMC 2.90: ArcSight Management Center (ArcMC) is a centralized security management system that manages large deployments of ArcSight solutions such as ArcSight Logger, SmartConnectors, FlexConnectors, and Connector Appliance through a single interface.

Array vAPV ADC for Azure

Array vAPV ADC for Azure: Array Networks vAPV is an easy-to-use, secure, high capacity application delivery controller that integrates with the Azure cloud environment while maintaining feature parity across physical, virtual, and cloud computing environments.

Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Deception

Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Deception: The Attivo ThreatDefend Deception Platform provides a comprehensive, customer-proven platform for proactive security and threat detection in user networks, data centers, clouds, and a variety of specialized attack surfaces.

Azure Blockchain Service Explorer

Azure Blockchain Service Explorer: Azure Blockchain Service Explorer provides a rich interface for interpreting data on your ledger, with detailed views of tokens, contracts, accounts, transactions, and blocks.

Blue Ocean Note

Blue Ocean Note: Blue Ocean Note is a Software-as-a-Service care record management system for welfare facilities and nursery schools. This application is available only in Japanese.


BrightSkool: BrightSkool is designed to help schools manage challenges in a single unified solution. It is a reliable, affordable, web-based platform with a proven record of increased productivity and efficiency.

Cloud Edition for Lustre Client

Cloud Edition for Lustre Client: Cloud Edition for Lustre Client is a scalable, parallel file system purpose-built for high performance computing (HPC) and ideally suited for dynamic, pay-as-you-go applications from rapid simulation and prototyping to peak HPC workloads.

Cloud Security Center

Cloud Security Center: Ensure your cloud environments are equipped with the latest Microsoft 365 E5 Security features, yielding protection for user and administrator identities including all devices, applications, and data. This application is available only in Dutch.

Cloud Velocity

Cloud Velocity: Cloud Velocity offers an “easy button” for monitoring Office 365. Devices are placed in critical locations, escalation protocols are defined, and then the outcomes simply happen: automated phone calls, emails, texts, alerts, and more.

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution: CloudBees Jenkins Distribution provides development teams with a highly dependable, secure Jenkins environment curated from the most recent supported Jenkins release. The distribution comes with a recommended catalog of tested plugins.

Corda Enterprise Virtual Machine

Corda Enterprise Virtual Machine: With Corda Enterprise Virtual Machine deployed on Microsoft Azure, developers can quickly and easily deploy nodes on a long-lived Corda network using pre-made cloud templates.

CrateDB Cloud

CrateDB Cloud: CrateDB Cloud is a scalable SQL cloud service hosted on Azure and operated 24/7 by Crate.io. It is ideal for industrial time series data processing and other IoT and machine data analytic workloads.

DataFabric for Azure

DataFabric for Azure: DataFabric automatically creates a live graph of stateful objects to represent real-world data sources, such as sensors, devices, and systems, and then dynamically interlinks these objects to maintain concurrency through a secure mesh of connections.

Datavard Glue

Datavard Glue: Datavard Glue seamlessly integrates your SAP landscape with big data applications running on Hadoop. Adapt big data technologies with no extra effort and leverage your SAP experience for big data operations.


DMX ETL: DMX enables data transformation to extract, transfer, and load data from multiple sources to on-premises SQL or Azure targets. DMX ETL is an easy-to-configure transformation tool that does not require coding or tuning.


DMX-H ETL: Syncsort’s DMX-H offers a single software environment for accessing and integrating all your enterprise data sources – both batch and streaming – while managing, governing, and securing the entire process.


eCourt: eCourt provides information and communication technology enablement for courts. It features an approval system at every stage in the court process, case approval notification, decentralized blockchain record storage, and more.

Ericom Conect VDI

Ericom Connect VDI: Ericom Connect VDI provides virtual desktops running Windows 10 on Azure. The solution implements multifactor authentication and provides single sign-on, clientless access, and more. This application is available only in Japanese.

GAPTEQ Low-Code-Platform

GAPTEQ | Low-Code-Platform: GAPTEQ is a professional front end for your SQL database. Use GAPTEQ to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database or MySQL and then use its metadata, tables, logic, and data.

hd backup 365

hd backup 365: Azure Backup replaces your existing on-premises or off-site backup solution with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and cost-competitive. This application is available only in Korean.

Human Risks

Human Risks: Human Risks is an online platform that enables you to manage the entire enterprise security risk management process from risk assessments to incident response.

Hyperproof Trial

Hyperproof Trial: Hyperproof is targeted at technical teams, compliance managers, and auditors considering new compliance programs or looking to make existing programs more efficient. Hyperproof makes it easy to manage all your day-to-day compliance tasks.

IncrediBuild Demo

IncrediBuild Demo: Easily accelerate a Visual Studio sample with IncrediBuild or upload your code to gain exceptional build performance. This instance includes a pre-installed IncrediBuild Coordinator and Agent with Visual Studio Community and a Visual Studio sample project.

Infosys Analytics Workbench

Infosys Analytics Workbench: Infosys Analytics Workbench provides leading capabilities for data discovery, analytical modeling, model management, visualization, and self-service model consumption to deliver end-to-end self-service capabilities.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (10 Users - Linux)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (10 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end self-service BI platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, a semantic layer, and integrated ETL capabilities.

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (10 Users - Linux)

Intellicus BI Server V18.1 (5 Users – Linux): Intellicus BI Server on Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end self-service BI platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, a semantic layer, and integrated ETL capabilities.

Johnson Controls Digital Vault

Johnson Controls Digital Vault: Johnson Controls Digital Vault is a flexible, scalable platform that reaches across silos to gather data from disparate sources, store it securely, and standardize it. It then converts that data into something you can leverage to gain new insights.

Kamstrup Analytics - District Analyser

Kamstrup Analytics – District Analyser: Kamstrup’s analytics platform for water utilities comprises two systems – Water Intelligence and Incidents – to help you effectively go from imagining “What if” to knowing “How to.”

KEYRUS - Chatbot CODY - Smart Assistant Integrado

KEYRUS – Chatbot CODY – Smart Assistant Integrado: The CODY Smart Assistant solution with Microsoft LUIS offers an intelligent conversation platform that allows quick access to results and KPI placements for sales and operations. This application is available only in Portuguese.


Lenses.io: Lenses is an innovative DataOps platform providing SQL access and processing on streaming data. Lenses on Azure is optimized for both Azure HDInsight and your own Kafka clusters to streamline the configuration.

M365 Workplace Cloud Storage Easy Intune Storage

M365 Workplace Cloud Storage | Easy Intune Storage: Microsoft cloud-managed devices get relevant policies and configurations from Microsoft Intune, with some settings relying on files available by URL. This application manages these files with an easy, web-based approach.

Managed Detection and Response for Azure

Managed Detection and Response for Azure: Protect your Azure deployment with Paladion’s comprehensive Managed Detection and Response service that leverages next-generation AI to defend your Azure deployment at every stage of a threat’s lifecycle.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP: Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP is mobile device management software that features device enrollment, app management, profile management, security management, and more.

MinIO Client Container Image

MinIO Client Container Image: MinIO Client is a Golang command line interface tool that offers alternatives for ls, cp, mkdir, diff, and rsync commands for file systems and object storage systems.

MinIO Container Image

MinIO Container Image: MinIO is an object storage server that is compatible with cloud storage services and is mainly used for storing unstructured data such as photos, videos, and log files.

movingimage Secure Enterprise Video Platform

movingimage Secure Enterprise Video Platform: This Azure-based platform offers a smooth, secure video streaming experience for large companies across different verticals – including 26 of 30 DAX-listed companies.

OpenCities Digital Workplace Intranet

OpenCities DigitalWorkplace Intranet: Empower your city employees with tools that elevate communication and collaboration. OpenCities DigitalWorkplace is a powerful cloud-based intranet that can streamline processes to save your city time and money.

OpenCities Web CMS

OpenCities Web CMS: OpenCities makes it easier for cities to transform their websites into digital government platforms. OpenCities’ user-tested templates deliver beautiful and functional sites that allow staff to create content and online services that engage citizens.


OPSAI.COM: The OPSAI platform delivers deep insight into your IT estate, allowing IT and business users to have a common view of systems and processes. Ensure a secure, compliant IT infrastructure and automate your operations.

Phish Hunter

Phish Hunter: Phish Hunter offers an automated solution to phishing and identity compromise. The solution simplifies the process of detecting and remediating phishing incidents, eliminating the risk of compromised credentials.

photographic asset inspection

Photographic Asset Inspection: Photographic Asset Inspection is for infrastructure owners responsible for maintaining and operating concrete surface infrastructure such as bridges.


PI3: PI3 is an Azure-based card payments analytics and reporting platform for financial institutions. The PI3 platform enables businesses connected to card transactions (credit or debit) to gain insights from their data.

PiXYZ Studio

PiXYZ Studio: PiXYZ Studio prepares and transforms 3D CAD data into 3D assets that are ready to use in real-time experiences for various business purposes, including design, marketing, and training.

Precision Campus Analytics

Precision Campus Analytics: Precision Campus provides an online query tool and dashboard system for your college or university. Enable colleagues to explore enrollment, retention rates, course success rates, and other metrics you choose.

Publico24 spzoo

Publico24 sp. z o.o.: Publico24 is a digital press newsstand that offers news stories in HTML as a service that can help boost customer satisfaction. This application is available only in Polish.

PyTorch Container Image

PyTorch Container Image: PyTorch is a deep learning platform that accelerates the transition from research prototyping to production deployment. This Bitnami image includes Torchvision for specific computer vision support.

Real-World Audiences and Triggers for Dynamics

Real-World Audiences and Triggers for Dynamics: Neura enables you to attribute events such as session starts, app opens, push engagement attempts, and in-app features to real-world user behavior, uncovering actionable insights for campaign optimization.

Rhapsody Golf

Rhapsody Golf: Get comprehensive golf course management with Rhapsody Golf. The Front Office module handles bag drop, locker assignment, flight and caddy, and tournaments and scoring while the Membership module seamlessly handles privileges, statements, and renewals.

Rhapsody Hospitality Management System

Rhapsody Hospitality Management System: The comprehensive Rhapsody Hospitality Management System handles financial consolidation, centralized purchasing, and group-level business intelligence while helping manage multiple properties.

RStudio Connect

RStudio Connect: Publish R and Python data products in one IT-managed and monitored location with flexible security policies to bring the power of data science to your enterprise.


SD-INTERNET: SD-INTERNET helps small and midsize enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journey by enhancing Azure cloud application experiences through Adaptiv Networks' high-performance Network-as-a-Service platform.

Service Sheeft

Service Sheeft: Developed on Microsoft technologies to be used as Software-as-a-Service on Azure, Service Sheeft is a ticketing system focused on improving communication and collaboration when solving end user support issues.

Smart Cursors Marketplace

SmartCursors Marketplace: SmartCursors is a marketplace of integrated cloud applications for managing, driving, and transforming every aspect of business.

Smetric Business Intelligence Service

Smetric Business Intelligence Service: Smetric’s business intelligence tools automatically extract, analyze, and present data from various sources in beautiful, customized dashboards. The visual formats are easy to read, easy to share, and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Solucion Neurona

Solucion Neurona: Designed for financial institutions, Neurona works as a transactional switch specialized in managing electronic money transactions (mass payments, electronic collections, and funds transfers). This application is available only in Spanish.

SwaggerHub Cloud

SwaggerHub Cloud: Create a single source of truth for OpenAPI definitions with SwaggerHub's API design platform. Collaborate on changes and new development, define and enforce standards across your API catalog, and integrate seamlessly with other API lifecycle solutions.

SysTrack Digital Experience Monitoring

SysTrack Digital Experience Monitoring: SysTrack is an experience monitoring solution that gathers data on what affects your users and their productivity in the digital workplace – including CPU, RAM, application resource use, and over 10,000 other data points.

Teradata Data Mover

Teradata Data Mover: Teradata Data Mover is a powerful data movement tool that intelligently chooses the fastest method to copy data and database objects between databases.

Teradata Data Mover (IntelliSphere)

Teradata Data Mover (IntelliSphere): Teradata Data Mover is a powerful data movement tool that intelligently chooses the fastest method to copy data and database objects between databases.

Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata Ecosystem Manager: Teradata Ecosystem Manager provides an end-to-end approach to meeting application SLAs through monitoring, administration, and control of data warehouse environments to let you more effectively manage your deployment.

Teradata Query Service

Teradata Query Service: Teradata Query Service provides application developers a simplified, modern interface to connect to data from a web page or application.

Teradata QueryGrid Manager (IntelliSphere)

Teradata QueryGrid Manager (IntelliSphere): Teradata QueryGrid Manager (IntelliSphere) provides federated query capability that allows users to access and query data in remote servers that are part of the Teradata QueryGrid data fabric.

Teradata Vantage with IntelliSphere

Teradata Vantage with IntelliSphere: Teradata Vantage is Teradata's flagship analytics platform that provides a fast path to secure, scalable, high-performance analytics for tackling your most complex business challenges.

Teradata Viewpoint (IntelliSphere)

Teradata Viewpoint (IntelliSphere): Teradata Viewpoint (IntelliSphere) is an advanced web-based management portal for up to 10 Teradata systems whether in the cloud or on-premises. Entitlement comes from a paid Teradata Vantage with IntelliSphere subscription.

UiPath Robot

UiPath Robot: This solution template delivers provisioning of UiPath robots including automatic connection to your UiPath Orchestrator for secure scheduling, management, and control of your enterprise-wide digital workforce.

Unscrambl Answers

Unscrambl Answers: Unscrambl Answers has been trained with domain-specific knowledge about your business, understands your data, and has deeply embedded machine learning algorithms that help you discover and present relevant insights in natural language.


Voyado: The powerful, user-friendly Voyado loyalty system helps strengthen your customer relations and uses data to increase sales, cut costs, and reach maximum profitability.

VSBLTY VisionCaptor

VSBLTY VisionCaptor: The VisionCaptor content management system provides a wide variety of capabilities for bringing proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging to life on any digital screen or platform.


VULCAN: VULCAN analyzes your trainees’ performance in real time while they execute an exercise, providing you with the information needed to increase efficiency and flexibility.

WebFOCUS BUE 8201m

WebFOCUS BUE 8201m: WebFOCUS BUE is for business users and analysts who would like to generate and share reports, charts, dashboards, and in-document analytics to conduct data discovery and explore data for trends, patterns, and opportunities.

Consulting services

Azure 4 Week Briefing, Assessment, and POC Offer

Azure 4 Week Briefing, Assessment, and POC Offer: Pyramid Consulting Solutions offers an innovative Azure consulting service in three phases: on-site kickoff briefing, 30-day assessment, and proof of concept for migration of an initial workload to Azure.

Azure Backup & Restore 4-Wk POC

Azure Backup & Restore: 4-Wk POC: Using Azure for backup and data protection presents an opportunity to address a number of risk and compliance objectives. Test-drive Azure Backup for four weeks and protect up to five workloads in Azure with this offer from Foundation IT.

Azure Cloud Assessment with Rackspace 2-Wk

Azure Cloud Assessment with Rackspace: 2-Wk: Rackspace consultants will assess your application estate and infrastructure platform to set a strategy for moving workloads to the cloud. They will also provide a report to determine a roadmap and high-level Azure design.

Azure Data Warehouse & Data Lake 2 Hr Assessment

Azure Data Warehouse & Data Lake: 2-Hr Assessment: Neudesic will review your Azure logical data warehouse and Azure Data Lake requirements, then explain how a repeatable approach can deliver opportunities in predictive and prescriptive analytics in your environment.

Azure DevOps Jumpstart 1-Week Implementation

Azure DevOps Jumpstart: 1-Week Implementation: Wintellect's one-week consulting offer jump-starts your dev-ops move to the cloud. Build, test, automate, and deploy applications more efficiently while reducing costs and increasing team productivity.

Azure Foundations Service 10-day Implementation

Azure Foundations Service: 10-day Implementation: Transparity Solutions will help you lead your Azure journey with governance and security. Learn how to architect key components such as networking integration, identity, network security, compute, and storage.

Azure Migration Planning Free 4 Hour Workshop

Azure Migration Planning Free 4 Hour Workshop: SystemsUp offers a free four-hour workshop to discuss whether your existing compute environment could be successfully migrated to Azure, resulting in a statement of work or proposal for work to deliver the engagement.

Azure Migration 1-day Assessment

Azure Migration: 1-day Assessment: Atmosera offers a customer-proven assessment practice that ensures a match of your needs with the optimal cloud solution, delivering a clear roadmap with options to make informed decisions on Azure migration.

Azure Migration 3-week Assessment

Azure Migration: 3-week Assessment: TCS offers a detailed, three-week cloud suitability assessment of up to 20 business applications along with associated infrastructure. An outcome report covers deployment model, cost benefit analysis, and migration plan.

Cloud Backup 2-Day Assessment

Cloud Backup: 2-Day Assessment: Find out the ROI of moving to cloud backup and disaster recovery with this assessment by Insight, which compiles and clarifies the data you need to make well-informed decisions that will affect your organization’s operational resiliency.

CloudForte Consulting for Azure

CloudForte Consulting for Azure: Unisys CloudForte for Azure is a comprehensive and customizable managed services offering that addresses the most critical and trickiest cloud adoption challenges, especially around compliance and security.

CSP Migration 2 Week Free Rapid Migration

CSP Migration: 2 Week Free Rapid Migration: Hanu Software offers a no-cost assessment and migration for existing Azure customers to Hanu's Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Hanu will provide a migration roadmap and recommendations on cost and performance optimizations.

CTA for Azure Migration 2-Wk Assessment

CTA for Azure Migration: 2-Wk Assessment: This two-week datacenter-to-Azure migration assessment by Silicus is focused on helping enterprises with cloud adoption strategy, roadmap planning, current-state assessment, and solution gap analysis.

Datacom Enabling Services 3-Wk Implementation

Datacom Enabling Services: 3-Wk Implementation: Standardize, automate, and securely deliver business-grade cloud applications with help from Datacom, an Azure Expert MSP. Customers benefit from the scale, security, and expert skillsets available via Datacom Enabling Services.

DevOps Practices and Platform 1 Day Assessment

DevOps Practices and Platform: 1 Day Assessment: This professional dev-ops service from CloudOps supports current Azure users (or customers looking to get started with Azure) who care about speed to market and modernizing their applications and infrastructure practices.

Digital Media Assessment 2-Hr Assessment

Digital Media Assessment: 2-Hr Assessment: Globant will assess your digital media strategy and content delivery requirements and will provide a recommendation on how Azure can deliver your media to multiple endpoints for accelerated business impact.

Azure Backup & Restore 4-Wk POC

Disaster Recovery trial in Azure: 4-Wk POC: This trial lets you test how Azure can protect workloads. Foundation IT will set up and test Azure Site Recovery on your behalf and simulate a DR test so that you have a complete view of how a managed cloud DR service works.

Domino & Notes App Modernization 1-Day Workshop

Domino & Notes App Modernization: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop from Binary Tree will detail the technical, business, and end user considerations and options available to pursue a Notes/Domino retirement or retention program.

DRaaS on Azure - 1 Week Assessment

DRaaS on Azure – 1 Week Assessment: Cloud4C, a Microsoft CSP Gold partner, can help assess and execute your disaster recovery plan. Azure-certified architects will create a roadmap to understand, define, and plan an optimal DR strategy for your organization.

Encrypted Briefcase 1-Hour Briefing

Encrypted Briefcase: 1-Hour Briefing: Communication Square offers a briefing on best practices to implement its Encrypted Briefcase solution, which provides data protection, access tracking, and permissions revocation for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

Encrypted Briefcase 1-Wk Assessment

Encrypted Briefcase: 1-Wk Assessment: This assessment from Communication Square analyzes your file storage and document collaboration platforms and then explains how to deploy Encrypted Briefcase to track file access, revoke permissions, and restore older data.

Encrypted Briefcase 2 Weeks PoC

Encrypted Briefcase: 2 Weeks PoC: Communication Square offers this proof of concept for Encrypted Briefcase, which provides data protection for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files. Experts will set up, provision, and provide admin and onboarding guides for your solution.

Encrypted Briefcase 4 Weeks Implementation

Encrypted Briefcase: 4 Weeks Implementation: This four-week training by Communication Square leads to a deeper understanding and implementation of data protection provided by Encrypted Briefcase and delivers complimentary email support for one year.

Hybrid Identity and Access Management 10-Wk Imp

Hybrid Identity and Access Management: 10-Wk Imp: Conterra will design a solution based on Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 and Azure Active Directory and deploy it in your production environment either on-premises on via Azure IaaS.

Mobile App Innovation 1hr Briefing

Mobile App Innovation: 1hr Briefing: This one-hour mobile app innovation briefing from Dootrix shares best practices and helps you learn how to build a next-generation mobile app on the Azure cloud platform.

Running SCOM in Azure 5 Day Assessment

Running SCOM in Azure: 5 Day Assessment: The SCOM to Azure service assesses your System Center Operations Manager infrastructure and provides a framework to move it to Azure effectively and cost-efficiently.

DRaaS on Azure - 1 Week Assessment

SAP on Azure – 1 week Assessment: Cloud4C's SAP-certified consultants participate in a detailed assessment and workshop to define the best path for SAP migration and onboarding on Microsoft Azure.

Secure Communication System - 2 Week PoC

Secure Communication System – 2 Week PoC: This Azure-based offering is designed to reimagine how your business approaches secure communication and compliance to industry-defined standards.

Secure Communication System 1-Week Assessment

Secure Communication System: 1-Week Assessment: This assessment helps IT directors assess that their communication and collaboration are complaint, validate that access to data controls are in place and functioning properly, and confirm that company information is secure.

Secure Communication System 1 Hour Briefing

Secure Communication System – 1 Hour Briefing: Communication Square's Azure-based offering covers making, receiving, and transferring business calls in the office, at home, or on the road using your phone or PC without the need for a traditional phone system.

Secure Emailing System - 1-Hour Briefing

Secure Emailing System – 1-Hour Briefing: This briefing will address the following topics: How to protect your data no matter where it is, how to automatically classify sensitive information, and how to track and revoke access to emails and attachments.

Secure Emailing System - 2-Week Proof of Concept

Secure Emailing System – 2-Week Proof of Concept: This Azure-based offering is designed to reimagine how your business approaches securing email systems, compliance to industry-defined standards, and secure access to data.

Secure Emailing System 1 Week Assessment

Secure Emailing System: 1 Week Assessment: This assessment illustrates encryption and decryption methods, automatic data classification, protection against non-compliance, and how to combine the right set of tools, knowledge, and expertise to benefit your email security.

Secure Emailing System 4 Wk Implementation

Secure Emailing System: 4 Wk Implementation: Communication Square's Azure-based offering helps classify your data based on sensitivity, protect your data, and leverage deployment and management flexibility.