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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 33

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From February 1 to February 15, 2019, 54 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live.

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From February 1 to February 15, 2019, 50 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Virtual machines

Attunity Replicate

Attunity Replicate: Attunity Replicate integrates data in real time to Azure targets, including Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Event Hubs, and it helps load, ingest, migrate, distribute, consolidate, and synchronize data.

Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT)

Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT): The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) from QS solutions provides insight into security vulnerabilities through automated scans and analyses.

Fortinet FortiSandbox Advanced Threat Protection

Fortinet FortiSandbox Advanced Threat Protection: FortiSandbox for Azure enables organizations to defend against advanced threats natively in the cloud, alongside third-party security solutions, or as an extension to their on-premises security architectures.

InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition

InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition: InterSystems IRIS for Health provides the capabilities for building complex, data-intensive applications. It’s a comprehensive platform spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics.

KNIME Server

KNIME Server: KNIME Server offers shared repositories, advanced access management, flexible execution, web enablement, and commercial support. Share data, nodes, metanodes, and workflows across your team and throughout your company.

ME PasswordManagerPro 20 admins,25 keys

ME PasswordManagerPro 20 admins,25 keys: ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a web-based, privileged identity management solution that lets you manage privileged identity passwords, SSH keys, and SSL certificates.

MODX on Windows Server 2016

MODX on Windows Server 2016: MODX is an agile and user-friendly content management system that offers unlimited scalability and high flexibility.

MODX on Windows Server 2019

MODX on Windows Server 2019: MODX is an agile and user-friendly content management system that offers unlimited scalability and high flexibility.

Panzura Freedom NAS

Panzura Freedom NAS Panzura Freedom Filer is a hybrid cloud data management solution that enables global enterprise customers to consolidate their data islands into a single source of truth in Azure.

Puppet Enterprise 2018.1.7

Puppet Enterprise 2018.1.7: Puppet Enterprise lets you automate the entire lifecycle of your Azure infrastructure, simply and securely, from initial provisioning through application deployment.

Vemn Digital Folder

Vemn Digital Folder: Digital Folder is a web application that facilitates the management of your organization’s digital documents, creating sustainable digital transformation.

WALLIX Bastion

WALLIX Bastion: With an unobtrusive architecture, full multitenancy, and virtual appliance packaging, WALLIX Bastion (WAB Suite) provides an effective route to security and compliance.

Web applications

Discovery Hub and Azure SQL DB

Discovery Hub and Azure SQL DB: Discovery Hub supports core analytics, the modern data warehouse, IoT, and AI. Developed with a cloud-first mindset, Discovery Hub provides a cohesive data fabric across Microsoft on-premises technology and Azure Data Services.

Discovery Hub and Azure SQL DB

Discovery Hub and Azure SQL DB and AAS: Discovery Hub Application Server for Azure is a high-performance data management platform that accelerates your time to data insights.

Forcepoint Email Security V8.5.3

Forcepoint Email Security V8.5.3: Forcepoint Email Security is an enterprise email and data loss prevention solution offering inbound and outbound protection against malware, blended threats, and spam.

MultiChain on Azure

MultiChain on Azure: Save time configuring servers and installing MultiChain, a leading enterprise blockchain platform, using these templates.


NetGovern: NetGovern enables legal supervisors, attorneys, paralegals, and case administrators to perform e-discovery on file systems, email archives, SharePoint, and file-sharing solutions such as Box.com and Citrix ShareFile.

NetGovern Multitenant

NetGovern Multitenant: Enable anyone to rapidly respond to e-discovery requests. This application will deploy a shared infrastructure layer with one tenant preloaded for cloud service providers to deliver service to their customers.

Radware Alteon VA Application Cluster

Radware Alteon VA Application Cluster: This Alteon virtual appliance on Azure provides a simple and agile way to consume and deploy all standard ADC functionality as well as advanced services like WAF, acceleration, and application performance monitoring.

S2IX - Secure Search and Information Exchange

S2IX – Secure Search and Information Exchange: Secure by design, S2IX provides a protected business process automation solution. This gives users the ability to collaborate and manage documents in an environment they can depend on, even in remote or challenging locations.

Starburst Presto (v 0.213-e) for Azure HDInsight

Starburst Presto (v 0.213-e) for Azure HDInsight: Architected for the separation of storage and compute, Presto is perfect for querying data in Azure Blob storage, Azure Data Lake storage, relational databases, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, and many others.

Veritas Resiliency Platform Repository Server

Veritas Resiliency Platform Repository Server: Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) provides single-click disaster recovery and migration for any source workload into Azure. This version of Veritas Resiliency Platform Repository Server will upgrade your installation.

Container solutions

Drupal with NGINX Container Image

Drupal with NGINX Container Image: Drupal with NGINX enhances the popular open-source content management system with the performance and security of NGINX. Drupal's modular architecture lets you create many different types of websites and applications.

Consulting services

4-Week Azure Assessment

4-Week Azure Assessment: This cloud migration assessment by Quisitive is designed to help organizations assess cloud readiness, evaluate best paths for their application environment, and build a clear road map and ROI view for potential Azure migration.

AgileAscend-M365 Migration- 3 week Implementation

AgileAscend-M365 Migration: 3 week Implementation: Working alongside your project manager and IT staff, Agile IT's award-winning professional team will assist in planning, preparing, and migrating on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

AgileProtect- Azure Data Backup - 3-Week Imp.

AgileProtect: Azure Data Backup – 3-Week Imp.: AgileProtect Standard is designed for business-critical systems. AgileProtect Standard backs up everything on the system, enabling a complete replica to be spun up on suitable hardware at will.

AgileSecurity- Intune - 3 week implementation

AgileSecurity: Intune – 3 week implementation: With Agile IT, define a mobile device management strategy that fits the needs of your organization. Set granular app policies to containerize data access while preserving the familiar Office 365 user experience.

Azure 5-Day Proof of Concept (POC)

Azure 5-Day Proof of Concept (POC): Chorus IT's proof of concept allows you to evaluate Azure with a small-scale partial implementation or focus on a particular area you want to evaluate.

Azure Accelerate- 2-week Proof of Concept

Azure Accelerate: 2-week Proof of Concept: iLink Systems Inc.'s proof of concept is designed to streamline an organization’s journey to the cloud through a combination of training, workshops, comparative analysis, and rapid prototyping.

Azure Analytics services- 2 Hour Briefing

Azure Analytics services – 2 Hour Briefing: This briefing by Incremental Group will take you through the capabilities available from Azure Analytics and discuss how these could help your organization.

Azure Cost Optimization- 3 Week Assessment

Azure Cost Optimization: 3 Week Assessment: This assessment by DXC focuses on analyzing current Azure consumption to identify opportunities to right-size the environment, inclusive of storage, networking, and virtual machines.

Azure Managed CI-CD Pipeline- 8-Wk Implementation

Azure Managed CI/CD Pipeline: 8-Wk Implementation: 2nd Watch will identify your environment requirements and implement CI/CD pipeline tools to your specifications, accelerating your adoption of agile methodologies.

Azure Migration Quickstart- 4 Week POC

Azure Migration Quickstart: 4 Week POC: The Azure Migration Quickstart by DXC works to test an initial workload of O/S, application, and/or database to migrate into Azure as a proof of concept.

Azure Performance Optimization- 3 Week Assessment

Azure Performance Optimization: 3 Week Assessment: DXC's Azure Performance assessment provides a data-driven review of your existing Azure environment to help identify and resolve performance challenges.

Azure Security Managed Services- 2 Wk Assessment

Azure Security Managed Services: 2 Wk Assessment: In this assessment, DXC consultants will implement one or more tools to assist in the security review of your Azure configuration and architecture.

Cloud Cost Optimisation - 10 day implementation

Cloud Cost Optimisation – 10 day implementation: risual's implementation allows organizations to track and monitor their costs on Azure to ensure they are getting the most value possible.

Cloud Readiness Assessment- 1-Day

Cloud Readiness Assessment: 1-Day: Incremental Group’s Cloud Readiness Assessment reviews an organization's IT infrastructure and supports the organization's future business plans while assessing the impact they could have on the IT infrastructure.

DevOps Quality Services- 8 Wk Implementation

DevOps Quality Services: 8 Wk Implementation: Sogeti USA offers assistance in designing and implementing DevOps quality programs, including establishing an automation testing framework, building a quality pipeline, and providing recommendations on enterprise metrics.

Identity and Access Management - 2 Hour Briefing

Identity and Access Management – 2 Hour Briefing: One of Incremental Group’s expert consultants will talk you through the wide range of services available from Microsoft Azure to help you manage your identity and access management.

Microsoft Azure AI Chatbot- 1-Hr Assessment

Microsoft Azure AI Chatbot: 1-Hr Assessment: In this assessment, Cynoteck Technology Solutions will discuss AI chatbot development. Learn how chatbots and Azure Bot Service can benefit your business.

Microsoft Azure Health Check- 1 Week Assessment

Microsoft Azure Health Check: 1 Week Assessment: This health check by DXC will involve a review of cloud architecture, cost optimization, Azure security best practices, and configuration best practices.

Migrate Dynamics GP to Azure- 1 Hr Assessment

Migrate Dynamics GP to Azure: 1 Hr Assessment: Syvantis Technologies will walk you through the process of migrating your Microsoft Dynamics GP system to Microsoft Azure.

Modernize Your Apps - 2 Week Assessment

Modernize Your Apps – 2 Week Assessment: Modernize your legacy systems and build new applications in Azure with SPR Consulting's two-week assessment to help you take advantage of the flexibility of Azure.

PCI Azure Implementation Services- 4 Week POC

PCI Azure Implementation Services: 4 Week POC: DXC will build a detailed proof of concept to offload the bulk of deploying and managing PCI-compliant workloads in Microsoft Azure.

SAP to Azure Migration- 1-Day Workshop

SAP to Azure Migration: 1-Day Workshop: This SAP on Azure workshop by Infopulse will cover best practices for architecting, developing, and managing SAP services and apps in Azure. Customers should have good architectural knowledge in SAP Basis and Azure services.

SAP to Azure Migration- 1-Hour Briefing

SAP to Azure Migration: 1-Hour Briefing: Infopulse's briefing will help you understand the key benefits and challenges of a SAP-to-Azure migration and choose the best cloud solution for your business.

SAP to Azure Migration- 2-Week PoC

SAP to Azure Migration: 2-Week PoC: Infopulse will help you develop a proof of concept to validate the feasibility of your ideas and identify the benefits of migrating your on-premises SAP solution to Microsoft Azure.

SAP to Azure Migration Readiness- 1-Day Assessment

SAP to Azure Migration Readiness: 1-Day Assessment: Infopulse will help you identify business drivers and the potential challenges of a SAP migration to Azure, then gather all requirements and create a suitable migration strategy.

Small Systems Mainframe Migration

Small Systems Mainframe Migration: 3-Wk Assessment: This assessment by Asysco Inc. will investigate smaller mainframe systems in order to develop a plan to migrate to Azure.

TCO and Cloud Readiness Assessment

TCO & Cloud Readiness Assessment – 6 Wk Assessment: Ensono's assessment will involve installing a console server (built by the customer), gathering data, creating an HCP tenant, ingesting the initial server list, and conducting analysis.