The Azure Container Registry team is excited to share a preview of new Container Registry SKUs with more capabilities and features.

The new preview of Azure Container Registry managed tier is available in 3 options including Basic, Standard, and Premium.

These new container registries are available in preview within 3 regions including East US, West Europe, and West Central US. Support for other regions will roll out over the course of the following weeks based on feedback.

The new features available include:

  • AAD authentication for repositories
  • Delete operations
  • Webhook support

Managed SKUs

The images in these SKUs will be stored in Storage Accounts managed by the ACR service, rather than relying on a storage account specified for the user. This change improves reliability and enables new features that weren't possible in the original offering. It will still be possible to create and use registries that rely on your own storage account if you wish to continue using this model.

Individual AAD authentication

Previously, there were only two ways to authenticate access to a registry, by enabling the single admin account or by setting up a service principal. Now with managed registries you can sign in to a registry using your AAD credentials. This automatically works for any managed registry you create. When you sign in via the portal or the az cli, you will have access to all the registries under your AAD account. Moreover, if you sign in with your AAD credentials you won't have to pass in credentials again when pushing images to your repositories.

To authenticate with AAD using the command line, sign in to your Azure account using “az login” in the Azure CLI 2.0. Once logged in, use the command “az acr login” and it will automatically pick up the credentials you used to sign in to your Azure account.

Delete functionality

The new registry SKUs allow you to execute one of our most requested features, repository delete. You can delete specific repositories, images, or tags from your registry without having to delete the entire registry. The feature is available as a context menu in the Azure portal, or via the az acr repository delete api.

Webhook support

To enable cloud connected workflows, we’ve added webhook notifications for registries. You can configure these webhooks to get triggered by push and/or delete actions. Additionally, you can modify the scope of the webhook so that it gets triggered by these actions occurring for any repositories in the registry, a specific repository, or a specific tag.

You can also easily test out the webhook by pinging it and then viewing events of when the webhook was triggered. For a specific event, you can see the request and the responses to help further test or diagnose issues. Webhook support is available both in the Portal and the az acr webhook cli.


Please see the ACR pricing page for details. During preview these SKUs will have a 50% discount.


Individual AAD support, delete, and Webhook functionality were designed with the goal of enabling you to do even more with your container registries. We hope you enjoy the new features available for the Azure Container Registry. You can try them out today by creating a new registry in East US, West Europe, or West Central US and selecting Managed Registries as your SKU.

If you have any feedback or questions, please leave a comment below or reach out through our GitHub or StackOverflow.

– The Azure Container Registry Team

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