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Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) über Azure Site Recovery

Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2020

Der heutige Beitrag ist ein Interview mit Siddharth Deekshit, Program Manager für Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Engineering, und Quentin Drion, IT Director of Infrastructure and Operations, MSC. MSC ist ein internationales Reederei- und Logistikunternehmen. Daher wollten wir mehr über die Journey von MSC mit Azure Site Recovery (ASR) wissen.

Program Manager II, Azure Site Recovery

Finastra “did not expect the low RPO” of Azure Site Recovery DR

Dienstag, 19. November 2019

Today’s question and answer style post covers an interview between Siddharth Deekshit, Program Manager, Azure Site Recovery engineering and Bryan Heymann, Head of Cloud Architecture, Finastra. Finastra builds and deploys technology on its open software architecture, our conversation focused on the organization’s journey to replace several disparate disaster recovery technologies with Azure Site Recovery.

Program Manager II, Azure Site Recovery