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Mariya Zorotovich

Principal Retail and Consumer Goods Industry Lead, Cloud Commercial Communities Team

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Published • 2 min read

Retail brands: gain a competitive advantage with modern data management 

Retailers today are responsible for a significant amount of data. As a customer, I expect that the data I provide to a retailer is handled properly following the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other compliance guidelines.

Published • 2 min read

Current use cases for machine learning in retail and consumer goods 

This blog was co-authored by Marty Donovan.Retail and consumer goods companies are seeing the applicability of machine learning (ML) to drive improvements in customer service and operational…

Published • 5 min read

Azure cloud business value for retail and consumer goods explained 

For brick and mortar retailers, the world has been overturned. Online retailers have been demolishing their market share and icons of commerce are struggling. But what helped online retailers can help the offline. The cloud can also be used by brick and mortar retailers. In fact, the brick and mortar experience, transformed with cloud technology, can be a real advantage in competition with online only.