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Application Map: Filter and pin to a dashboard

Application Map is a visual layout of the dependency relationships of your application components.

Application Map is a visual layout of the dependency relationships of your application components. It overlays KPIs such as load, performance and failures, availability test failures, and presence of active alerts to help you get to the component causing the performance or failure issue. Once you have identified the component needing attention, the map helps with handy in-context links to further diagnostics with Application Insights, to the alert rules, or to diagnostics provided by other Azure resources, like the Database Advisor recommendations by SQL Azure. You can learn more about Application Maps here.

We have added the ability to filter the map. You can now filter the Application Map by the Operation Name to only show the server side or client side request, and page-view and dependencies called in their context. You can then pin this filtered view onto a dashboard. From the dashboard, you can click through for diagnostics (click on the node for options, or the icons) or open the full map experience. The screenshots below show the experience:

1. Click on “Options”, expand the list of Operation names, select one or more operations to include, and press “Update”:

2. After the map is filtered, you will see the applied filters in tags at the top. You can remove any filters by simply clicking on the “x”. If you have more than three filters applied, manage them from the Options pane. To pin this view, simply click on the pin icon:


You can also filter by Dependency Name, for a filtered view of the KPIs of those specific dependencies.

Here are some tips on the map:

  1. You can drag the map canvas to move it around and focus on a specific set of nodes. This works on both the pinned part on the dashboard and the full map experience.
  2. You can resize the map on a dashboard; the nodes will react to the size of your choice.
  3. You can click on the nodes in the pinned part on the dashboard to directly get into specific diagnostic options in a list, without opening the full map.

As always, we truly appreciate your feedback via the in-portal feature (find the smiley face in the top right area) or through feature requests/votes on our uservoice.