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ClearDB now supports a fully dedicated database clusters through the Azure Preview Portal. This includes five new database sizing options.


All of ClearDB’s new Premium tier databases are hosted in single-tenant clusters. Clusters can host multiple databases at no additional cost, only being limited by available storage.

Premium clusters are multi-master and offer sub-second automatic failover capabilities to guard against downtime. They include 100% up-time guarantee, 15-minute support response time and a six-hour resolution guarantee.

Storage and connections limits have also been increased ranging from 60GB and 300 connections to 1TB and 6,000 connections making these Premium clusters perfect for mission-critical applications.

Creating new ClearDB dedicated resources

You can create the new premium offers from ClearDB using the Azure Preview Portal.


To create a new MySQL database in a dedicated cluster you will need to:

  1. Click on the + “New” icon.
  2. Select Data + Storage.
  3. Then choose MySQL Database.
  4. Change the Database Type by selecting it. Dedicated mode gives you access to the new options, but traditional databases are still there under Shared.
  5. You can configure the Cluster by drilling into it.


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