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Allego offers electric vehicle smart charging solutions powered by Azure Digital Twins

Electromobility has come a long way in recent years. Battery ranges have increased, charge times have decreased, and performance is continuously improving.

Electromobility has come a long way in recent years. Battery ranges have increased, charge times have decreased, and performance is continuously improving. With growing adoption of electric vehicles it is imperative for utility companies, municipalities, fleet managers, and electric vehicle drivers to closely manage, monitor, and optimize grid stability, energy supply, and charging sessions.

Using Azure Digital Twins, Allego has developed an intelligent electric vehicle charging solution. It models entities within the electric vehicle charging network such as regions, utility companies, charging stations, vehicles, and others to optimize charging schedules using real-time data like electric grid constraints, charging preferences, and more. As a result, Allego is providing electric vehicle drivers everywhere with flexible, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly charging options.

Allego’s charging solution monitors and services charging points remotely and supports a variety of electric vehicles, charge speeds, and charging stations. These capabilities enable grid operators and energy suppliers to adapt to energy demand on the grid. For example, operators can reschedule electric vehicle charges to align to availability of renewable resources, lower energy rates, or to optimal power capacities. Additionally, electric vehicle drivers now have better visibility into their energy usage throughout the system, making it easier and more affordable to own and operate an electric vehicle.


The solution also provides the ability to adjust pricing and prioritization for charging. For example, buses may have the highest priority at charging stations, so charging is reallocated dynamically when buses arrive and connect. The system will continuously monitor and consider a variety of data points to dynamically reschedule and reprioritize charging for optimal efficiency.

Allego has implemented the intelligent electric vehicle charging solution using Azure Digital Twins. “Azure Digital Twins’ optimization has added intelligence to our EV platform”, said Marc Diks, CIO. “Without this optimization capability, it would be difficult to deliver a smart and flexible charging solution. We are enthusiastic about using these capabilities as we continue to evolve and improve EV platform for our customers”.

Looking forward, Microsoft will continue to invest in additional energy management capabilities within Azure Digital Twins and seamless integration with other Azure services. Learn more about Allego’s electric vehicle solution and Azure Digital Twins.

About Allego

Allego is one of the leading providers of charging solutions and electric vehicle cloud services. Its pan-European network of almost 9,500 charge points offers a seamless charging experience for cities, companies, and consumers. The company is coordinator of leading European fast charge and ultra-fast charge projects, one of the market leaders in services for Public Transport and facilitates over 600 cities and companies with smart charging solutions.