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We are excited to announce the addition of visual monitoring capabilities for Azure Data Factory V2 (ADF v2) to our customers. With this release, you can easily monitor the data factory v2 pipelines without writing a single line of code. In the first release, we are enabling you to visually monitor pipeline and activity runs. You can use a simple and intuitive list based interface to monitor your runs and perform various operations on these lists, including filtering and sorting, among others. With this release, we are also providing guided tours on how to use the enabled visual monitoring features. We are also giving customers the ability to give us valuable feedback.

This is the first of many visual tools that we plan to enable for our customers in the coming months to visually author and monitor data factory v2 pipelines. Our ultimate goal with visual tools for ADF v2 is to increase productivity and efficiency for both new and advanced users with intuitive experiences.

You can get started by clicking the ‘Monitor & Manage’ tile in your provisioned v2 data factory blade.



Check out some of the exciting features enabled with visual monitoring in ADF v2

List view monitoring

Monitor pipeline and activity runs with a simple list view interface. All of the runs are displayed in the local browser time zone. You can change the time zone and all the date time fields will snap to the selected time zone.

Monitor pipeline runs

Below you can see the list view showcasing each pipeline run for your data factory v2 pipelines.


Monitor activity runs

Below you can see the list view showcasing activity runs corresponding to each pipeline run. Click ‘Activity Runs’ icon under the ‘Actions’ column to view activity runs for each pipeline run.


Note: You need to click the ‘Refresh’ icon on top to refresh the list of pipeline and activity runs. Auto-refresh is currently not supported.

Rich ordering and filtering

Order pipeline runs in desc/asc by run start, and filter pipeline runs pipeline name, run start, and run status.


Add/remove columns to list view

Right click the list view header and choose the columns that you want to appear in the list view.


Reorder columns widths in list view

Increase and decrease the column widths in list view by simply hovering over the column header.

Guided tour

Click on the ‘Information Icon’ in the lower left. You can then click ‘Guided tour’ to get step by step instructions on how to visually monitor your pipeline and activity runs.



Click on the ‘Feedback’ icon to give us feedback on various features or any issues that you may be facing.


Select data factory

Hover on the ‘Data Factory’ icon on the top left. Click on the ‘Arrow’ icon to see a list of Azure subscriptions and data factories that you can monitor.



This is the first public release of ADF v2 visual monitoring features. We are continuously working to refresh the released bits with new features based on customer feedback. Get more information and detailed steps for using the ADF v2 visual monitoring features.

Get started building pipelines easily and quickly using Azure Data Factory. If you have any feature requests or want to provide feedback, please visit the Azure Data Factory forum.

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