We are just getting back and what a great week in Barcelona at TechEd EMEA with Docker! After just two weeks from our announcement outlining a deep partnership, Docker became the highlight of many parts of the Microsoft event. I am excited about what we were already able to show in Spain and even more excited about the next steps in the partnership, such as Docker Hub integration into Microsoft Azure, growing the Docker Open Orchestration APIs, and Docker containers on Windows Server including the development of the open-source Docker Engine for Windows Server. With these announcements, Microsoft continues to offer customers the most choice of any cloud provider with a wide variety of Linux and Windows solutions. The support for Docker, the demos/sessions at TechEd, and the future roadmap with Docker reinforce our open, community-driven focus.

Here were a few of the places Docker showed up at the conference. First, during the keynote on the first day, Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure, did an awesome demo showing a new build of the Docker client running on Windows and deploying and managing Docker containers running on Linux in Azure Virtual Machines. With the power of Docker, he was able to spin up a website using MySQL in seconds. This Docker client on Windows Server was one of the first steps in the partnership and the coding was finished the Friday before the event. You can check that demo out here, at time 1:19:40.

Later in the week, I had the pleasure of doing a longer breakout session with Nick Stinemates from the Docker, Inc. management team. It was probably one of the most interactive session I have ever experienced. Nick did an extended demo, explaining Docker to the audience, all from a Linux client shell. I am convinced it is the longest demo ever from a Linux machine at TechEd. I then did a demo using the Docker Client on Windows Server, starting up a Minecraft Docker Container on an Ubuntu host in Azure. Just as a warning, I screwed up the demo a bit, such that even Nick was laughing at me in the audience.

You can check out that full session here. For Nick’s demos, make sure to zoom in on the site to see all the commands.

Finally, near the end of the week, we were able to host the Barcelona edition of the Docker Global Hack Day #2. This was a great opportunity to bring together attendees at the conference and local Docker enthusiasts to both learn, experiment, and build with Docker. Back in the States, as part of the Hack Day, Ahmet from our engineering team had a great Azure submission to run the Docker registry on Azure Blob Storage. How cool is that?

Overall, it has been a really great couple weeks working with Docker Inc. and this really is just the beginning of a great partnership across the Docker Hub, Docker for Windows Server and Docker Open Orchestration APIs. We stay committed to offering an open platform and embracing both Linux and Windows communities on the platform. Got ideas or other areas we should innovate, please shout! Stay tuned as we build, ship, and run, together.

Corey Sanders


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