Azure Service Fabric—5.6 Runtime release announcements

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Opdateringsdato: 23. oktober 2017

Azure Service Fabric is Microsoft’s microservices application platform and a container orchestrator that helps developers build and manage cloud-scale applications. With Service Fabric, developers can focus on building applications and business logic, and let Azure solve the hard distributed systems problems such as reliability, scalability, management, and latency.

We recently released version 5.6 of the runtime and 2.6 of the SDK with the following enhancements:

  • Windows Server Containers support for Azure Service Fabric – now generally available. Service Fabric v.5.6 and the 2.6 SDK release introduce many new features and improvements geared towards container orchestration including a DNS service, resource governance, integration with OMS for container diagnostics, support for mounting volume drivers, and Hyper-V isolation. Support for Service Fabric for Linux remains in Public Preview.

  • Azure Service Fabric support for Docker Compose preview – new innovation enables orchestration of containerized apps with Service Fabric. Use Visual Studio Team Services for continuous integration and deployment of containerized apps to Service Fabric clusters using Docker Compose, which Service Fabric now natively understands.

  • Application Insights integration with Azure Service Fabric – for better diagnostics and intelligence on application performance. Furthermore, in the new release, it’s easier to create secure clusters using PowerShell, including one node clusters for development and testing.

For more information about these announcements, please read this blog post. To learn more, please visit the Azure Service Fabric documentation webpage and blog.


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