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Microsoft Mechanics: SAP HANA on Azure M-series VMs

See the latest updates for running your SAP HANA workloads on Azure and learn about some of the benefits, such as scale on demand, increased performance, analytics, and security. Learn how to automate SAP HANA deployments to spin up entire SAP landscapes in minutes. Azure offers on-demand M-series virtual machines (VMs) and purpose-built HANA Large Instances, both certified to support your SAP workloads. The M-series VMs, which support most SAP workloads, are scalable up to 128 virtual CPUs of compute and 4 TB of RAM. They offer high performance for SAP HANA, with sub-millisecond write transactions using the Write Accelerator feature. Purpose-built HANA Large Instances, for larger SAP workloads, provide up to 20 TB of RAM.