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Episode 138: Resource Manager and Preview Portal with Gautam Thapar and Nathan Totten

In this episode Nick Harris Chris Risner are joined by Gautam Thapar - Program Manager in the Azure Application Platform team, and Nathan Totten - Program Manager in the Azure Application Platform and former host of Cloud Cover. In this episode Gautam and Nathan goes over the new Resource Management. Azure RM enables you to see applications as you deploy them as a single construct (Resource Group) instead of having to deal with individual resources in different areas (i.e. Web Sites, SQL Server, etc). Included in this new approach is the concept of deployment templates. These templates can be customized and reused to deploy multiple resources in a repeatable manner. They also review the new gallery in the Azure Preview Portal. The new gallery contains all of the resources available in Azure so you don't have to go to different areas to see them.

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