Copy blob into an Azure Media Services asset using .NET SDK

Sidst opdateret: 14-03-2016
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This sample shows how to copy existing blobs from a storage account into a new Azure Media Services asset.

Running this sample

  1. Use Nuget to install the latest Azure Media Services .NET SDK.

    Install-Package windowsazure.mediaservices.

  2. Add the appSettings section to the app.config file, and set the values for your Media Services account name and account key.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
        <add key="MediaServicesAccountName" value="MediaServicesAccountName" />
        <add key="MediaServicesAccountKey" value="MediaServicesAccountKey" />
        <add key="MediaServicesStorageAccountName" value="MediaServicesStorageAccountName" />
        <add key="MediaServicesStorageAccountKey" value="MediaServicesStorageAccountKey" />
        <add key="ExternalStorageAccountName" value="ExternalStorageAccountName" />
        <add key="ExternalStorageAccountKey" value="ExternalStorageAccountKey" />

About the code

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