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This .NET Core application allows to read diagnostic info from OPC Publisher using IoTHub direct method calls.


The application is/can: * Show diagnostic information with a recurring interval * Show the startup log of OPC Publisher * Show the tail of the log of OPC Publisher * Trigger the OPC Publisher to exit

Getting Started


The application requires .NET Core to be built and OPC Publisher deployed either standalone or as IoT Edge module at runtime. The diagnostics functionality only works with OPC Publisher versions higher than 2.2.0.


You need to compile the solution with Visual Studio and then run it.


The application supports several command line options to control its functionality.

Here the usage output: OPC Publisher diagnostic tool Log level is: info

    Usage: publisherdiag [<options>]

    If no options are given, diagnostic info is shown with an interval of 30 seconds.

      -h, --help                 show this message and exit
          --ic, --iotHubConnectionString=VALUE
                                 IoTHub owner or service connectionstring
          --id, --iothubdevicename=VALUE
                                 IoTHub device name of the OPC Publisher
          --im, --iothubmodulename=VALUE
                                 IoT Edge module name of the OPC Publisher which
                                   runs in the IoT Edge device specified by id/
          --di, --diagnosticsinterval=VALUE
                                 shows publisher diagnostic info at the specified
                                   interval in seconds
                                   Default: 0
          --sl, --showlastlog=VALUE
                                 shows last lines of OPC Publisher log output at
                                   the specified interval in seconds
                                   Default: 0
          --ss, --showstartuplog shows startup log of OPC Publisher log output
                                   Default: False
          --ea, --exitapplication=VALUE
                                 sends an exit command to OPC Publisher to exit in
                                   given number of seconds (ignores all other

If no options are specified, the diagnostic information is shown each 30 seconds. The options exitapplication and showstartuplog exit the application after completed.