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Readme for Devs:

Setting up:

Setting up the dev machine:

In order to develop on your local machine, the following must be installed: 1. Ruby 2. bundler 3. Jekyll

They must be set up in this order, as the latter dependencies are both Ruby Gems. Ruby can be found and installed here: 1. Windows: 2. Others:

You should be able to test that ruby has been installed correctly by running ruby --version.

Now that Ruby is installed, we will need to install bundler by running gem install bundler Finally, run bundle install to install Jekyll and all other dependencies.

If setting up a new repository, helpful instructions may be found here for initializing

Setting up the repository:

In order to set up the repo, run npm install Important dependencies installed this way include: 1. Jest (testing framework) 2. Webpack (module bundling)

Local development & Preview:

In order to preview the site locally, navigate to your repository in your terminal and run bundle exec jekyll serve which will provide you with a local preview of your site.


In order to test the site, simply run npm test to leverage the Jest testing framework and run all of the tests for the site.

Packaging all Modules

Package and build all modules by running npm run build to build the production packages, or npm run develop to build and watch for development purposes. These commands are proxies defined in package.json.

Editing Models/Examples

Models and examples can be edited by editing the JSON contained in the config.js file.

Updating Snapshots

If the snapshot tests are failing, and you have confirmed that the functionality is working, you may create a new snapshot by running npm test -- -u