Stratiform Inc.

Stratiform Inc.

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Stratiform is a boutique IT consultancy focused on solely on helping businesses get the most from their Microsoft technologies. Our Gold and Silver cloud-related certifications reflect our specialists’ deep understanding and expertise with Microsoft platforms, software, and servers. As a Stratiform client, you get exceptional service along with customized strategies and solutions to help your technology work harder and produce more revenue.

Azure, Maximized

Microsoft Azure represents a quantum leap forward in cloud computing, data backup and storage, and disaster recovery. Using Azure, we can develop an IT architecture as unique to your organization as a fingerprint. You get virtually unlimited server capacity to handle your most demanding workloads, along with seamless integration with Office365, Dynamics NAV, and third-party applications. In addition, your systems and data are backed up in real time and are accessible from any device, anywhere in the world.

How We Deploy Azure

Stratiform offers a number of ways to introduce your organization to Azure, build and test environments, and go live quickly and efficiently:

• Azure 101: A two-hour workshop focusing on how Azure can increase your productivity and reduce IT spending.

• Azure Jumpstart: A five-day accelerated, precision deployment that provides a fully functional Azure environment to meet your needs.

• Azure Hydration: A 10-day engagement in which Stratiform’s experts create a customized Azure environment, completely shut it down, then restart and “rehydrate” it—that is, bring the system back to its last known state with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance
We can also migrate your current and legacy data to your new Azure environment, so it’s always available. In addition, you can rely on us to install the latest upgrades, troubleshoot and fix any issues, and help restore your systems and data to get operations going after an unexpected business interruption.

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