Proarch It Solutions, Inc.

Proarch It Solutions, Inc.

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Why ProArch?
The first steps that an organization takes towards a cloud strategy is critical to success. ProArch’s group of industry leading, Microsoft badged experts will provide you with the expertise that you expect from a global partner. Our experienced Microsoft team defines the “notes from the field” and best practice guidelines from an extensive history of cloud architecture and migration services. Building cloud services may seem simple to some partners but having a partner like ProArch, which is aware of undocumented best practice procedures is the true value in our services.
Our Services
ProArch will help you make the right decision from the start. Our team will work with you and the Microsoft account teams to make sure you get the best savings from an enterprise agreement perspective. Our elite architects will then provide assessment services of your environment to determine which cloud services best fits your infrastructure and application requirements. We also verify that the right subscription levels are selected to insure your scalability and future growth needs are meet.
ProArch can then assist you with managing and monitoring your public cloud system to ensure automatic scaling and failover is operating correctly and performance settings isn’t driving unnecessary cost. It’s up to you to determine how far to scale back your cloud subscription levels, and ProArch has the resources and technology to maximize the ROI of your cloud solution.

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