Mercury New Media, Inc.

Mercury New Media, Inc.

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Microsoft Azure is Mercury New Media’s preferred hosting platform solution for clients in need of application hosting services. Our certified Cloud Platform consultants are well versed on how best to architect and configure your Azure application environment in a manner that is optimized to your needs. The flexibility and scalability of Microsoft Azure allows us to custom tailor solutions for your specific application to ensure it runs at its best.

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform enables us you to quickly build, deploy, and manage solutions across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. This allows us to provide you with global reach, infrastructure resilience and instant scalability without building a data center or the headache of managing physical IT equipment. Mercury New Media can help you deploy Microsoft workloads to Azure to reduce the burdens of IT management.

With Azure’s global scale, Mercury can manage your Azure hosting setup to ensure the desired level of backup and redundancy. Yon also enjoy the benefits of knowing that their information is secure. We can setup highly configurable solutions that provide you with the capacity and service levels you need, when you need them without creating fixed overhead.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how we can assist with your Azure application hosting needs.

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