Infront Consulting Group

Infront Consulting Group

Infront Consulting Group-profilen er ikke tilgængelig på Dansk. Oplysningerne er tilgængelige på English (US).


Infront Consulting is 1st reseller in Asia countries and we have tested and proven that this is the next wave for storage on cloud.

StorSimple solutions seamlessly integrate advanced SAN technologies such as SSDs, SAS, automated storage tiering, deduplication, compression and encryption with cloud storage to significantly reduce the storage footprint and lower both CapEx and OpEx costs.

Infrastructure consolidation
StorSimple solutions consolidate primary storage, archival, backup and disaster recovery through seamless integration with the cloud.

Simpler, faster backup & recovery
StorSimple cloud-based snapshots enable revolutionary speed, simplicity & reliability for backup and recovery. Users can achieve up to 100x faster data recovery vs. traditional backup methods used in the cloud.

Secure data storage
StorSimple applies AES-256 military-grade encryption for all data transferred and stored in the cloud using a private key that is known only to customers.

Lower overall storage costs
By integrating the cloud with local enterprise storage, StorSimple reduces total storage costs (TCO) by 60-80%.

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