CloudFAST™ for Azure StorSimple

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IMPORTANT: Please carefully read the steps outlined below before creating the CloudFAST™ VM instance

Talon CloudFAST™ for Azure StorSimple allows you to realize the benefits of cloud storage across your entire enterprise by centralizing and consolidating distributed file storage into your hybrid-cloud StorSimple platform. CloudFAST™ transparently extends the power of your existing StorSimple datacenter storage out to your global branch offices and users, enabling high performance enterprise global file sharing and collaboration without sacrificing performance or control.

NOTE: This offering is available for Microsoft Azure StorSimple customers ONLY

Getting Started

  1. Click on this link and fill out the form to access Talon CloudFAST™ virtual appliance, software and documentation for your datacenter and branch office deployment. You will receive an e-mail containing the instructions.
  2. Confirm you have selected the correct amount of Datacenter File Storage (25TB, 50TB, 100TB – 1000TB) associated with your environment
  3. Click "Create Virtual Machine" to enable the CloudFAST™ licensing service
  4. Complete the datacenter and branch office CloudFAST™ deployment as outlined in the configuration steps (e-mail)

More Information

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