af StackStorm

StackStorm is a solution for integration and automation across services and tools. It ties together your existing infrastructure and application environment so you can more easily automate that environment – with a particular focus on taking actions in response to events.

StackStorm helps automate common operational patterns. Some examples are: Customized CI/CD, Facilitated Troubleshooting, Automated remediation, AutoScaling, Responce to security threads, and many others.

StackStorm helps you compose these and other operational patterns as rules and workflows or actions; and these rules and workflows - the content within the StackStorm platform - are stored as code which means they support the same approach to collaboration that you use today for code development and can be shared with the broader open source community via for example.

Please Note: This product is a pre-production release that is provided for evaluation purposes only. It is not intended for any production usage and is provided as-is with no warranty or support.


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