af Samsung SDS
RAPIDANT Server On Demand is providing a fastest file transfer for users to work efficently. With RAPIDANT Server On Demand, we ensures network efficiency and transfer speed improvement. For benefits, Speed, Both TCP / UDP supported, High-capacity, high-speed transfer of compressed files. Stable, Automatic retransfer, two-step integrity check,transfer security. Smart, Automatic synchronization, bandwidth management, real-time monitoring.

Client Diretories: Under C:\RAPIDANT directories \RAPIDANT.server-4.0.2 : RAPIDANT Server installed \RAPIDANT.client-4.0.2 : RAPIDANT Client SW - Please copy file and use \RAPIDANT.client.sdk-4.0.2 : RAPIDANT Client SDK - Configured with your business system \RAPIDANT.webplugin-4.0.2 : RAPIDANT Client webplugin - when browsers used \RAPIDANT.manuals : RAPIDANT Manuals


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