Nexpose Scan Engine

af Rapid7

Use the Nexpose Scan Engine to scan your Microsoft Azure assets.

Rapid7's vulnerability management solution, Nexpose, reduces your organization's risk by dynamically collecting data and analyzing risk across vulnerabilities, configurations and controls from the endpoint to the Cloud. Nexpose is engineered to enable IT security teams to identify, assess and respond to critical change as it happens with Adaptive Security. Users can more efficiently manage risk found in operating systems, third-party software, web applications, browsers and databases all in one solution with over 68,000 vulnerabilities and 163,000 vulnerability checks. RealRisk score, contextual business intelligence and our unique integration with Rapid7s Metasploit make Nexpose a threat exposure management solution that prioritizes remediation and helps reduce risk. Its user-interface, and smart analytics - such as Top 25 Remediation Report and custom reporting - allow security teams to communicate risk and remediation more effectively.

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