OpsLogix OMS Oracle Collector

af OpsLogix

Consolidate Oracle monitoring, auditing and log analytics into Microsoft OMS (Operations Management Suite) by using the OpsLogix OMS Oracle Solution.

Get a holistic view of your Oracle environment by using our out of the box dashboards in OMS, and be in control in minutes. Not only does the OpsLogix OMS Oracle Solution provide performance and availability metrics, but it also allows you to audit your Oracle environment so that you can be compliant within hours.

With the OpsLogix OMS Oracle Solution you can:

  • Insert all your Oracle monitoring and auditing data into OMS.
  • Make use of out-of-the-box performance, availability and auditing views.
  • Monitor your Oracle environment without having to install any agents on your Oracle servers.
  • No need to have SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) installed.

Try our solution without any strings attached and click here for a 30 day trial or contact our sales at sales@opslogix.com.





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